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Mystery: The Transcendental Path From Angels

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Résumé du Roman

Dans un monde où les machines et la vapeur coexistent, qui sera le leader ?

"C'est le meilleur et le pire moment."

Quand l'extraordinaire frappe, qui peut être seul.

Quand l'intellect est englouti par la folie, qui pouvez-vous faire ?

"Nous sommes les gardiens, et nous sommes aussi un groupe de pauvres insectes qui luttent toujours contre le danger et la folie."

L'ange a rétracté ses ailes, et la nuit s'est transformée en mort.

Qui peut le prendre sereinement sous l'apocalypse ?

Le protagoniste voyage à travers le mystère et ouvre un chemin différent pour devenir un dieu.

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Titre Court:MTPFA
Titre Original:诡秘:从天使开始的超凡之路
Auteur:Pigs in the slaughterhouse
Weekly Rank:#3827
Monthly Rank:#3444
All Time Rank:#5859
Mots Clés:Aristocracy, Evil Gods, Fanfiction, Female Protagonist, Gender Bender, Gods, Industrialization, Lord of the Mysteries, Loyal Subordinates, Male to Female, Multiple Transmigrated Protagonists, Mystery, Nobles, Schemes and Conspiracy, Secrets, Strong from the Start, Strong to Stronger,
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43 Comments on “Mystery: The Transcendental Path From Angels
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  1. I really don't get why people are so fucking pressed about the gender bender tag,like mfs,listen,they literally only specifically mentioned at chapter 1 that mc was a man before the "reincarnation" and other than that, there's barely any mention of it.Instead of a fucking gender bender fanfic it's literally just a fanfic with female protagonist. Get that into your fucking head you homophobic mofos.

  2. Do you even know what a gender bender is? Example woman with a man Soul or thinking, so if he is a guy from the start or before he reincarnated and still had his own memories from the past , and he reincarnated as a girl then that's a fucking gender bender. So stfup you homosexual.

  3. the start is pretty rocky with too much unecessary stuffs going on, and author's original characters are kinda inexplicable at times. ( like how would they know what will happen to others with no info, and main character is strong but she have too much stuff going on ) It is an okay fanfic. ( much better than barboon one and breaking dimension wall one ) . Good point of this fanfic is mc didnt gather harem like reader fanfic or guide klein to do everything like outerbgod fanfic. Even tho there are only very small chapters yet I yearn to read more. A very relaxing read.

  4. Ah yes, having a perfectly normal friendship with multiple women is now considered harem. Like, bro, if you read the book properly, it has been continuously hinted that the female lead is that girl from the death pathway(I won't say her name because of spoiler)

  5. he just collect 4 girls for no reason at all if you read that. in the world fill with constant danger going around being a white knight seems pretty dumb to me. "perfect normal relationship" lol

  6. Well, it seems like you really didn't read the books properly. His every action has a meaning, every girl that he helped has certain connection to him or is usefull. And also, none of those girl has any romantic feelings towards him other than the death pathway girl, even Xio and Fors only think of him as friend, and Fors has even repeatedly bash him as annoying ghost. I think it's you that's need to know how to differentiate between a friend and a lover. Not every boy and girl who hangs together are lovers.

  7. Lmao, ok. He becomes acquainted with Xio and Fors because they are both future members of the Tarot Club and is an important character in the story. He save the death pathway girl because she's one of the friend of the original body and he become friends with her because he find out she has a connection with Cattleya and quite possibly Bernadette. He met the rat food Hazel because of a certain incident involving a True God, and has to cut her arm to save people from danger, and after that he find out that she has become a priest of the Earth Mother and have some connection with the higher ups in it so he also become friends with her. And for Edwina I think it's pretty self-explanatory why he becomes friends with her. So, now, please, tell me Sugoi Chikara, explain to me why none of them are usefull? each one of those girl has a connection to higher ups in different churches and organization that he can ask for some assistance when the time comes, except for Xio and Fors.

  8. No, wait, hold on, I forgot Xio and Fors also have some connection to an organization, especially Xio who is in a much more higher position than in the original story since Abner helped her.

  9. Ok, first of all, what? Are you crazy? Are seriously expecting him to go to Tingen and change the story as a flimsy sequence 7?? Do you even realize how dangerous Tingen is in the beggining of the story? that is literally under the watch of the Evernight Goddess, True Creator, Adam, and the pen 0-8. There's no way someone like him would risks his own safety to help the city when literally 3 Gods is involved in the incident. And don't forget he's still a sequence 7 at that time, even if he were to try to help he can do nothing because Ince Zangwill will immediately try to eliminate an anomaly to his plan.

  10. And also, those two girls in the underground mansion trip are just non-important character. Hell, the author never really mention them again after the trip

  11. You are full of BS; they are not "random women" they are all important characters in the original novel... Also, having a perfectly normal friendship with multiple women is now considered harem² Outergod is easily the best LoTM FF on mtlnovel

  12. This is readable if you forget the part she was a he at the very begining of the novel. Man I must be really desperate for lotm novels to read a gender bender crap.

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