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Naruto’s Law of Demons

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Résumé du Roman

Je m'appelle Yakushi Yu et j'ai voyagé dans le monde de Naruto

Il n'y a pas de limite de sang et pas de halo de protagoniste, que puis-je faire, je suis aussi désespéré!

Je ne m'attendais pas à réveiller accidentellement le démon à l'intérieur

Non seulement la capacité de fruit de fil a été obtenue, mais la marionnette créée a également la capacité de fruit du diable

D'accord, les choses commencent à devenir intéressantes

- Description de MTL


Titre Court:NLOD
Titre Original:火影之恶魔法则
Auteur:Very long and proud
Weekly Rank:#214
Monthly Rank:#559
All Time Rank:#349
Mots Clés:Antihero Protagonist, Dolls/Puppets, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Harem, Naruto, Personality Changes, Polygamy, Pragmatic Protagonist, Pregnancy,
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60 Comments on “Naruto’s Law of Demons
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  1. This is just copied the original naruto then insert line for mc to act, maybe you didnt realise it but nothing has changed from main plot, raikage still died only different people who killed him,yellow flash still died. The most maddening is when yellow flash died he only said 'ah you make this choice after all,' stupid this is not his choice but nothing can be done he didnt even help for repelung 9 tails, stupid mc

  2. qidian itu berbayar tapi tetap aja di upload di sini novelnya, alasan kenapa faloo ditolak itu karena chapter bayaran di faloo itu gambar bentuknya bukan text jadi susah di MTL, apalagi kalau pakai aplikasi image to text malah kacau balau.

  3. typical chinesse author.. this is copy paste "string-string fruit in naruto world" with some few edited name, system, etc... +-70% same...

  4. Its not copy paste, not change name. But its being translated to chinese. Japan also translated chinese name to japanese a lot in chinese works. Since both language have same base characters, hanji (kanji). Ah, korea also, that 3 country have same base language characters.

  5. If you play genshin impact maybe you know what i mean. There is a character named qiqi, which mean 7, and the japanese translated it as nana, which also mean 7 (the jp voice actors also say it as nana).

  6. the f#ck are you talking about, everyone is talking about how chinese novelist plagiarize other chinese novel, this novel fail from plagiarism checker website with similarity around 80 % so what's up with kanji-hanji china, korea & japan share similar language character.

  7. It's called a fanfic for a reason and ur also reading for free for a reason, typical whiny kids. 90% of all American fictions are plagiarized from all over the world, same with Japanese Anime, Japan fictions and lores are all plagiarized from China since ancient times. Quit being such an obvious anti chinese troll.

  8. I like how this dudes didn't know the different between plagiarizing and taking inspiration, yet they still like like they're some kind of hot shit.

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