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Résumé du Roman

Le boxeur Wang Hao est né dans les années 1990.

Avec une chance de recommencer sa vie, Wang Hao est déterminé à combler les lacunes de sa vie antérieure, à entrer dans le monde de la boxe professionnelle dès que possible et à marcher courageusement vers le rêve de l'hégémonie mondiale de la boxe des poids moyens .

Les quatre petits rois des poids moyens, les trois mousquetaires mexicains, Mayweather, Pacquiao, vous m'attendez, je suis Wang Hao !

100 millions de dollars de frais de comparution ? 3 millions de PPV ? Le roi du P4P ?

Tant que vous travaillez dur, tout peut être réalisé !

Numéro de groupe : 959044556, bienvenue aux amis du livre qui souhaitent s'abonner pour venir jouer ?????

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Titre Court:NGGG
Titre Original:国产GGG
Auteur:Peanut Beef Tart
Weekly Rank:#1275
Monthly Rank:#1235
All Time Rank:#2435
Mots Clés:Boxing, Determined Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Early Romance, Hard-Working Protagonist, Mature Protagonist, Rebirth, Romantic Subplot, Weak to Strong,
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33 Comments on “National GGG
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  1. Kudus! Nice I rreeeaallly realy like it. At last a boxing novel, the last time a read this kind of novel is #IamTyson. The plot is good aside being nationalistic...but of course its chinese, a typical chinese novel unless the author wanted to be rectified. Reading this novel is almost beleiving that chinese have the best boxing talent in the world, like saying sorry i know atoli lomachenko and a friend of klitskos and trained with them thats why im the best. The mc is op...of course, thats the way it is. Mc have top talent, skill mastery, great dedication and proto. aura. The mc is cunning and good in taking advantage of the opportunity, no reason, well i traveled from the future. Mc is gifted as he remmebers or pretend to remember all the boxing fights to happened and boxers including how they were defeated and gameplan to defeat them, a gift of rebirth, typical rebirth talent otherwise it will be a mess plot and mc will just be ordinary. The action description of the fights, is like a streetfight slugfest, "i punch u then u punch me". It describe the fightd for atleast 7 to 10 chapters only to find it has been only 2 rounds. the novel have lack of description of skills, fights and ring vision...its just i punch u, u go down, and i win. A fast pace story like last night Im the national champ then next day Im the world champ. I say I like this novel because of its rare genre of boxing, I think theres only 2 in this mtlnovel. I dont like the mc'c arrogance in thinking about ggg, loma, pacquiao, dela hoya and etc, they are great boxers and respect should be given. I cant realy imagine a nationalistic mc like him to be a boxer hegemon especially with his talent. In reality were boxer in chinese system will be placed in amateur for olympics rather than taking the world in his youth. I think he will be suppress first and compete with olympics for 3 years like zhouzhimin guy. It really release the pent up exasperation for world champion of such guy. This is good novel, no love relationship, awkward plots, dramas, but action pack competition although reading the fight description will lead you to a thought of streetfight rather than technical boxing, the author really tried hard to describe it. Its good and entertaining.

  2. Um, when is the chapter coming out? Bruh, you can't just cut it at the most anticipated part in this stry, man. I want to see Pacquiao kicks some ass.

  3. As much as I love this novel, there's to many inconsistency with the timeline and some of the fact about the boxers are just wrong. For example, the Ghainaian boxer "El Loco" Ricardo Mayorga, in this novel it is said he has a record of 26 undefeated matches and yet if you would take a look at his record in the wiki, He has lost 3 matches in his 26 match.1

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