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Résumé du Roman

Ye Feng se réveille dans son lit. Il touche son visage et marmonne: «Ne suis-je pas mort dans une explosion?»

Soudain, il sent un mal de tête et de nouveaux souvenirs lui viennent à l'esprit. Il sait aussitôt qu'il s'est réincarné.

Avant cela, c'était un vampire qui avait vécu sous terre pendant des décennies. Une explosion dans une usine abandonnée l'a tué, mais il avait maintenant une chance de revivre sa vie.

Désormais, il n’a plus à vivre dans l’obscurité. Mais bientôt, il découvre qu’il ne peut pas abandonner son désir de sang…

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Titre Court:NSK
Titre Original:九星杀神
Auteur:Tie Ma Fei Qiao
Weekly Rank:#3124
Monthly Rank:#2288
All Time Rank:#1682
Mots Clés:Academy, Alchemy, Battle Competition, Cultivation, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy World, Fast Cultivation, Godly Powers, Male Protagonist, Pets, Pill Concocting, Polygamy, Ruthless Protagonist, Strength-based Social Hierarchy, Vampires, Weak to Strong,
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20 Comments on “Nine Stars Killer
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  1. Okay, it is basically cliché. Chinese can't create a story without faceslapping huh? Based on my observation and years of reading CN, they seem to be everywhere, the faceslapping thing. Which I don't normally encounter in another countries novel, japan have minimal faceslapping unlike this CN shit, that they basically live and breathe to faceslap people. Yes, there's a satisfying effect, but if every chapter or two that they frequently happened? It becomes annoying and tedious to read, I feel like vomiting already. Don't get me wrong, there's a 1% of chinese novels that I like. The rest? Trash.

  2. when you say dense how are chinese that are not harem seeking nyphomaniacs any better, i know only so many protagonists that aren't perverted and actively seek to enrich their harme like william blackleaf from legendary boss or that stay loyal only for one wife like luo feng from swallowed star or han xiao from legendary mechanic. my favorite male character joshua van radcliffe from soul of burning steel had so many chances but he is still single and has those girls as actual intelectual frineds, not some showy things that make contrast of how amazing a main character is. in the end the main thing is harmony and having everyone satisfied: that is being able to have your partner/s fulfilled both mentally, physically and materially.

  3. japanese male protags are weak? look at goblin slayer, tokyo ghoul or remonster and say which one of them is worse than any other protagonist in will or determination.

  4. You are opening with goblin slayer! Really? The guy is only strong against goblins. Compared to truly top tear adventurers he is scum.

  5. I like how this guy read a small part of japanese story and already made an assumption like "Oh, what shitty story, all of the mcs are weak, coward, dense and stupid". And those "small part" is not even the truly good stories.

  6. I agree. Not all Japanese MC are weak. But you can't deny that there is a whole genre of Japanese novels dedicated to weak MC. Apparently it's popular in Japan. And there is that annoying Japanese mentality that, u have to make sacrifices for great power. And don't get me started on willpower bullshit! Willpower beats talent? In which world?!

  7. Yeah, but still, the idea of making sacrifices to gain great power is great idea to drive the plot. The reason why most of the chinese novels are shit is because they don't really understand this rule. They just let their characters gets all of this crazy abilities with little to no consequences. I mean, look at most of the good story that exist these days, Lord of The Mystery, Berserk, Rising of The Shield Hero, Attack on Titan, One Piece, etc. Those stories are popular because it shows that they've been hurt, they work their ass off to gain those strong powers.

  8. It should be atleast 4.0* not 3.1* Lets see Fast Cultivation, Harem, Cheats and multiple at that, fast pace, etc. Everything is very good except for the ending. Very Bland. Otherwise I would have given it 4.5*

  9. Hey what happened after he release hong ancestors in last chapters de he kill all of them or not and which chapter hey reply if someone had completed this

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