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Résumé du Roman

Le dieu maléfique a envahi, et Ye Chen est mort au combat, mais a renaître accidentellement il y a dix ans lorsque « Oblivion » s'est ouvert pour la première fois.

En commençant à nouveau, Ye Chen a juré : "Dans cette vie, je ne serai plus jamais influencé par les dieux maléfiques !"

Cependant, sans le savoir, lorsque Ye Chen a de nouveau regardé autour de lui, il a découvert qu'il était depuis longtemps plein d'ennemis.

Blood Moon Kingdom : "Ce type a enlevé le Dieu de la Lune de notre famille !"

Royaume des cendres : "Rendez vite l'épée de cendres, il est trop tard pour passer le feu !"

Boramen : « Pourquoi a-t-il l'arbre mère des âges ? Ce n'est pas du tout magique !"

L'Arbre du Soi : " Reine d'Avalon, c'est un menteur, réfléchis-y à deux fois !"

Pays des dragons : « Frère, pouvez-vous reprendre votre armée d'anges ? Et pouvez-vous arrêter l'expédition de l'Est, ne peut pas la surpasser !"

Storm Country : "Je ne le veux pas en mer, tu le veux au fond de la mer, es-tu toujours humain ?"

Tomb Kingdom : « Hé, les morts, il n'épargne même pas. »

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Titre Court:OGOVE
Titre Original: 网游遗忘:虚空大帝
Auteur:Little bear cute cat
Weekly Rank:#742
Monthly Rank:#861
All Time Rank:#2080
Mots Clés:Adapted to Game, Army Building, Clever Protagonist, Cunning Protagonist, Evil Gods, Fantasy World, Game Elements, Game Ranking System, Goddesses, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Level System, Magic, Reincarnated in a Game World, Second Chance, Slave Harem, Time Travel, Transported into a Game World,
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30 Comments on “Online Game Oblivion: Void Emperor
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  1. The dude never fights, not even once in the previous 313 chapters I've read, the dude got a divine throne of creation from Fuxi and has the spear of trium from Olympus yet all the fighting is done by his women who bleed and get injured for him while he takes the credit for using his non existent brain apparently despite never truly using it. Even 12-13yo children in his territory have fought more than him, the bitch tells the reason for not fighting as being ruler despite there being many warrior king's out there, and the strategy here are forced ones and unnecessarily time consuming despite there being many simpler ways of doing things he did and those wouldve bought similar if not better results. -_- I've had my expectations up but had my day ruined -_- the only thing even gratifying is in this shit is the lack of chingchongnumba1 horseshit and not being any racism as far as I've read.

  2. no the level system in this is fucked up, if you have these rare buildings, you can "incarnate" into strong characters.

  3. I have never see a novel which can end in one month i am in 347 now and here "That is the first month of the integration of the country, the whole world is in temporary peace, and the major local forces will not launch wars." Mc become a god in just one month not exactly in 23 days and have more than 10 epic women in his hand in that time.😲

  4. The start is quite good, but the later story become a mess, the ending also too rush. overall it's still quite a good novel compared to other trashy cultivation novel's, though I kinds skip read at the end of story since it's getting boring

  5. And in ch 249 is still the same. Mc has gotten creation epic power. But i didn't see mc fight from the beginning to now ch 249. But He got more powerful woman to hide between their leg. And damn it. I can't take it anymore. Mc way of pretend yo force is getting too much. What did he do all i see is taking advantage the future knowledge, send his servant to fight, hiding under between women leg, his elf goddness taking the stragey, politics and even military. Mc is possessing the all mightypower but childishly play the mysterious character if not the plot armor is not restricting mc identity will have already expose. I want to slap mc face for trying to force like what jaing ziya fishing and acting like a wise old god. While he did not do any thing. 90% no 95%of the work are handle by mc woman in this novel.

  6. To make matter worse is already in 250 and the game time is only in half a month before what ye chan called blue star chaos heard it right the player can not even invade each other and mc is already in epic. And the real game does not start yet. And this is already in chap 250.

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