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Opening Express Rewards Top Sports Cars

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Résumé du Roman

Ye Ran est lié par le [Système de récompense de l'expérience de vie Shenhao]. Tant qu'il accomplit une tâche spéciale, il obtiendra la récompense du système Shenhao.

« Ding ! Lorsque vous terminez un express spécial, le système vous récompensera avec une voiture de sport de premier ordre !"

- Description de MTLNovel


Titre Court:TOERTSC
Titre Original:开局快递奖励顶级跑车
Auteur:Month name
Weekly Rank:#430
Monthly Rank:#513
All Time Rank:#1209
Mots Clés:Cheat, Harem, Male Protagonist, OP MC, Strong from the Start, Sudden Wealth, System,
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38 Comments on “Opening Express Rewards Top Sports Cars
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  1. I've already read more than 400 chapters, and yet the story is to repetitive. Kinda face-slapping type of novel, the character development is not that good, girl around MC like a cabbage that can be thrown whatever author want. You won't event remember a potential policewoman named Zheng Yingying and traffic police woman named Jiang Mengyu with big background like another shenhao novel, the girl in this novel doesn't even have that much character unless being mesmerized by MC. He meet more than 50 girl with different background, and everytime he meet the girls, there is 90% chance that their appearance is above 90, with 5% above 80, and the rest is under 80. Author make some mistake in character like a highschool girl that ordered vase in 50ish chapters named Sheng Ziyan, being introduced again as a lawyer, daughter of conglomerats. And again like another girl, MC just kiss her and author won't even introduced her again in future story. The only girl that having sex with MC is Chen Meiqing, just because small accident because of drunk. The first lover of MC that Shangguang Ningya being forgotten for more than 200 chapters. The depth of each character is truly shallow, even lame.

  2. The story is more about how MC got shares from national, multinational, even international company by doing a low-pay job like Delivery Courier, Didi Driver and Takeaway Guy. To tell the truth, there are more than 20 position that MC got from that shares like Honorary chairman of Dance & Drama Department of the Imperial Academy, Biggest Shareholder of Longyu Media Co., Ltd, Acting Chairman of Litai Food Group, Second Biggest Shareholder of Koenigsegg, Chairman of Versace Group, Chairman of Zhuyou Consortium Group, Chairman of Kangde Central Hospital, Vice President of Patek Philippe, Largest Shareholder of Blue Hole Co., Ltd., Second largest Shareholder of 20% of Didi Co., Ltd (Vice President), Largest Shareholder of "Qinglong Security Co., Ltd., President of Harley Davidson, Chairman of Le Ai Charity Foundation, Chairman of Red Bull Energy Drinks (RedBull) Company, Boss of the Los Angeles Clippers (LosAngelesClippers), Third largest shareholder of Five Star Group, World's Formula One team and the largest shareholder of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing and recently the Largest shareholder of the Jiangjunfu Global Catering Group. His assets are more than 428,496,011,000 Yuan or 428,49 billion yuan. That include houses, apartments, sportscar, helicopters, yacht, and company. That's only for 400 chapters. And what frustrasing is the villain in this story keep repeating same mistakes when dealing with MC, you know that he is the chairman of so many company but hey dude is your brain got drowned in the water?

  3. The system throws everything in MC's lap as long as Cliche urban novel events happen to him. Beautiful girls fall for him as if they were living on a strange planet and saw a boy for the 1st time. I mean, he seriously can't be handsome to the point that girls just fall for him after taking a one look at his face once no questions asked. That's just so one dimensional with no Character exploration much less character development. Worse thing is, MC is a straight steel man who gives no reaction to beautiful women. MC is from average family with absolutely nothing but handsome face, yet somehow even the most beautiful women can't move his heart. Is that even a person much less a man? MC's character is simply unrealistic.he hates gold diggers and yet his landlord took care of him for a year knowing he's having hard time. She cooked for him morning and night and even didn't let him pay rent cause she liked him. She just loved him and didn't expect much in return, yet somehow even that didn't move his heart. are absolutely nothing without system, if not for system MC would still be toiling at roads delivering Parcels. What more are you expecting a girl to do for you? If it was real life, MC would be dying in some ditch all alone with that kind of attitude towards life. That's how life works. Without system, he could achieve absolutely nothing in his life. Reality doesn't give two fucks about your life rules you set for yourself.

  4. please would have to add a work please, i've been looking for it for a long time but i couldn't find it anywhere.

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