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Résumé du Roman

Le seul mineur de niveau divin dans « Heaven and Earth Xuanhuang » est passé par là.

Passé avec la seule compétence d'un mineur de niveau divin.

Avec le champ de légumes, la veine minérale et la montagne de médecine, ils ont traversé ensemble.

Vous dites que vous pouvez parier sur des cailloux ? Désolé, ma mine est pleine d'émeraudes.

Vous dites que la pharmacie est inutile ? Kouhu, je suis pharmacien de niveau master !


Jeu sur les pierres + raffinage de la médecine + espace, les doigts d'or sont ouverts, attention !

- Description de MTLNovel


Titre Court:OGM
Titre Original:兽人之神级矿师
Auteur:Milk dumpling
Weekly Rank:#5020
Monthly Rank:#4672
All Time Rank:#4601
Mots Clés:Magical Space, Orcs,
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19 Comments on “Orc God-level Miner
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  1. Well it’s a relatively open ending, another spin on the happily after, they lived forever more in peace and happiness blah blah blah also it seems like the ml is a ‘Huiyue’ and it seems like An Ran stayed true to his face loving even to the end ! 😂 I mean they have to hurry to the door to avoid swarms of ‘wives’ coming out to see Lian Sheng one of his companions

  2. I registered just to complain about this book. it takes until chapter 108 before anything even vaguely BL outside the setting happens. It's basically not a romance book but more like the same genre of those OP tranigrated female leads in cultivator setting books. Nothing wrong with that, it just wasn't what I thought I was reading. All the orcs around MC are just coolies. You can't identify an ML and there isn't any chemistry. MC displays a bit of face-con attitude toward one of his coolies but that's basically it at this point

  3. At chapter 176 we finally have some movement on the ML front, but the side couple formed from a pair of side characters who aren't even the main group are 100X more compelling. I really wish MC would just continue to be a cutsleeve and hook up with another of his own gender. Even after having some 'couple' actions after a confession of the coolie liking the MC, they... Still don't have chemistry. I'm saying this as a person who still enjoys consuming straight media and shipping boys :/

  4. As of 178 MC has apparently decided to go with it, and I'm dropping this book, it's so lackluster. The author directly upgraded a relationship that really read like pure brotherhood into a romance without putting actual effort in. I don't even dislike the pair! They're a good pair! But very poorly handled.

  5. Can anyone tell me who the ML? (Because they go around saying that it seems more like a harem novel and in the middle of the plot they still don't know who ML is)

  6. I don’t know… it’s pretty clear who the live interest is but I think the lovable Himbo side character is more attractive, though he’s not a ‘major general’ or ‘marshal’ 🤷‍♂️😂 too bad, family wise he’s still able to compete for An Ran’s affections not to mention his dare I say superior personality 🥰 total puppy dog 🐶 💕

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