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Quick Transmigration: Rescue Plan for the Misguided Villain Boss

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Résumé du Roman

Ye Chuijin a suivi le chemin de la Transmigration rapide pour sauver l'univers de la destruction.

Les boss méchants sont différents. Une seule chose est constante.

Ye Chuijin a touché son visage et a soupiré. « Pourquoi m'aimes-tu autant ? »

"Est-ce seulement parce que je suis beau et beau ?" marmonna-t-elle pour elle-même, les yeux embrumés.

Le système était engourdi : « Veuillez corriger les trois vues de l'hôte. Ne vous laissez pas emporter par votre propre beauté."

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Titre Court:QTRPFMVB
Titre Original:快穿撩人:失足boss拯救计划
Weekly Rank:#443
Monthly Rank:#294
All Time Rank:#2811
Mots Clés:Abusive Characters, Acting, Ancient Times, Beautiful Female Lead, Black Belly, Calm Protagonist, Charming Protagonist, Confident Protagonist, Cultivation, Determined Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Episodic, Female Protagonist, Game Elements, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Yandere, Modern Day, Quick Transmigration, Shameless Protagonist, Sickly Characters, System Administrator, Torture, Transmigration, Tsundere, Wealthy Characters,
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24 Comments on “Quick Transmigration: Rescue Plan for the Misguided Villain Boss
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  1. has any one sees this Novel or Arc? when mc poses the original body>> mc Deceive Fl Money to go abroad (Fl job is in a restaurant) While Mc is in abroad manking money with lottery etc. and making A company Fl Biological family Finds Fl and confess to her that they are her biological daughter (Original story :Beacause Fl Brother need a Heart Trasnflant The Parents CAME To fl and beg? But fl died in the Operation room before it started) Fl panic.. And immediately Calls Mc and talks about Her Parents And what to do.. (fk decides to meet them) Ml Returns being totally Rich And buys A House for fl etc... Fl Gets to know her Parents And Also inform them Her boyfriend But fl parents already Investigated All about fl And boyfriend. Fl parents think Mc Is A Scamer who Deceive Fl (Which is actual true For the original body😅) When fl Moved in to her biological parents house Fl meets White lotus Adopted sister And her biological brother (Who has cancer) *Let's skip the part* in the end The whole thing family knows That Fl brother has cancer And The Fl parents don't know what to do.... FL calls mc about the News..(Fl already Introduced Mc to her family and knows Mc is not a Scamer and all of them is shock To know his rich) Mc Tells fl What will she do? (because in the original timeline Fl agrees to The Operation because of pity) Mc wants fl to decide What to do because mc respect fl. so fl still decide for the Operation When they are in the hospital...the Adopted sister Plans to make trouble but was stop by Mc and Mc revealed her turn colors.. After they arguing fl brother dreams(idk if he dream it unintentionally or Mc did it) about the original Timeline where The original body Deceive Fl Betrayed her etc.. And also sees fl dying In the Operation table cause of His parents And Scheme sister. Later he woke up and begs To not Continue the Operation and he fear Mc will also betray his sister according to his dream.. But was not Mc thinks its Funny... Then with the help of Mc, The fl brother Gets A Heart From overseas.., Mc won't just let Fl go to the Operation table (the End, cause idk the remaining details) Note: Srry for the Bad grammars I've searching This Novel/Arc But to no vail my head almost explode for so many quick transmigration novels That might Contain this arc Quick Transmigration Male mc X

  2. Reminds me a lot of the novel QT: Male God Come Here. If your into light and fluffy novels, I'm advising you to not read this, because the endings are so tragic. The system and female lead are a funny duo which make me laugh since the story has such a heavy tone.

  3. Does anyone know a novel where the female transmigates from one world to another. One world she's a computer tec, another an actresses, etc and lives out her lives fully than transmigates to another? Than at the end you find out the ml are just one guy who was in a coma and she was trying to live a life with him and rescue him etc Please help

  4. Abusive it is. My heart is abused. My eyes are abused. My skin on the cheek are abused. ....but I still can't drop reading. What should I do if I think I'm tilting towards masochism???🤔

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