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Rebirth: I’m Lv Bu

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  1. This MC is seriously stupid. I sometimes wonder who is more stupid, the MC or original Lu Bu. I read only 200+ characters and already lost count of how many times he was deceived by others. If not for his military advisers, he would be dead. He completely wastes the advantages of a traverser. He forgets the original plot most of the time. Can't make proper use of his modern knowledge. He seems to be an art of war fan in previous life. But he has zero talent in military strategy. His only redeeming quality is martial arts. And that belongs to original Lu Bu. So what does the MC brings to the table? Absolutely nothing! If it wasn't annoying enough, he incompetent prick acts like a whoremonger on viagra all the time. I like a perverted MC. But only when he is competent. This novel can't even serve as a proper porn. Cause, guess what! Cut sex scenes. So what is it good for? Absolutely nothing!

  2. my brother I understand you perfectly I am like you besides you will have advice, I am looking for things to read with preferably a protaginist op, harem. it would be better if he is anti-hero thank you

  3. E um novel razoável mais o que me deixa chateado e como o mc e meio retardado putz a senhora lu bu e esposa dele e como ele é um transmigrador ele e lu bu agora então porque ele fica se torturando e evitando a esposa idiota . Até agora to achando a história razoável vou ver como fica nos próximos capítulos.

  4. Guys, just want to give you some advice. No matter what genre the novel you want to read the mc must at least have 1 of these tags : clever protagonist, cunning Protagonist, Calm Protagonist. If not, then it becomes unbearable to read. -Sorry bad english

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