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Rebirth Like Water Youth

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Résumé du Roman

À l'époque du lycée en 2001, Shen Dapeng s'est de nouveau trouvé à la croisée des chemins.

Avec le regret d'avoir perdu sa famille, d'avoir raté la déesse et d'avoir perdu la vie, Shen Dapeng a terminé le magnifique tour de la contre-attaque.

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Titre Court:RLWY
Titre Original:重生似水青春
Auteur:Murloc II
Weekly Rank:#1774
Monthly Rank:#1985
All Time Rank:#3745
Mots Clés:Male Protagonist, Rebirth, Second Chance,
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15 Comments on “Rebirth Like Water Youth
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  1. Kecewa sama su su gak tau terimakasih.dapeng rela menyinggung orang lain su su malah.jijik sama dapeng.klo gw gK selametin su su aja.

  2. A man in his 30's reincarnates -- who acts like a kid and thinks that he can save everybody with his useless vague memories from his previous life. Honestly, this story would have been better if without the 'someone getting murdered' gimmick; If he was just growing to become a better him and correct his past regrets, this story would've been a lot more enjoyable. As it is, seeing him finding solutions on how to save everybody with his somewhat ordinary golden finger isn't fun for me. (No offense to readers who like this book.)

  3. Hey hey, is this the one where the mc manages his harem amd wealth very goodly, i heard someone said about the novel which was like smilar name i think it was rebirth of flowing wind or something

  4. Do not judge a book by its cover :P, Anyways it's a male protagonist. This story is slow as hell, not recommended for those who have zero patience.

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