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Rebirth of Cyber ​​Hegemony

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Résumé du Roman

Renaissance à 2001.

Tencent a été fondé, Ali est sorti, Baidu a aussi gagné de l'argent…

À quoi sert la renaissance ?

C'est bon, n'est-ce pas un Internet mobile qui a encore un effort à un stade avancé.

Chen Yu pense qu'au début, nous devrions d'abord élever des foules à promouvoir, au lieu de nous battre contre ces grands patrons, et dans l'année à venir, nous unifierons Internet ! ! !

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Titre Court:RCH
Titre Original:重生之网络争霸
Auteur:The best white in the world
Weekly Rank:#1772
Monthly Rank:#1697
All Time Rank:#1750
Mots Clés:Business Management, Businessmen, Early Romance, Game, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Poor to Rich, Rebirth,
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28 Comments on “Rebirth of Cyber ​​Hegemony
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  1. don't recommend this is so poorly written. the author just basically skips tons of stuff by never going into detail as to what happens in the background. theres barely anything about actual management in this novel and the author constantly emphasizing that there aren't much opportunities and blah blah blah thats why we need to do this is honestly bullshit its just the author trying to force a narrative. next the author clearly also didn't bother doing any research either for ex in the novel around the date 2002-2003 according to what was written the mc's company would have been worth around 3 billion usd and thats him saying that it could be worth 10billiion more rmb on top of that so rough estimate would be like 4.5 billion around there but for the sake of the argument lets say its worth 3 billion usd if you just check what blizzard was worth at the time you would see that blizzard around early 2003 was only worth 1 billion usd market cap and keep in mind at the time china was still an emerging market so even lets say he literally monopolized the whole fkn chinese internet gaming market at the time, fyi" he wasn't" it still wouldn't make sense.

  2. Poor chinese, all that hard work will only get stolen by their communist leeches. Imagine creating a company so successful that it is known all over the world but one day the ccp butchers it and gives it to every bankrupt company they had been resuscitating since 90s.

  3. What happened to Alibaba is a humiliation toward democracy but I kept forgot that china is rule by one party. Also it's really unfortunate that Jack Ma got snatched by ccp before he make some contingency plan. Base on a company that provides contingency plans for super billionaires that lives in the country that it's government can snatch their wealth and their live without probable cause, Jack Ma doesn't have such plan. Pity.

  4. what can i say, it focused too much on the product. not much on the business management side , e.x the proportion of share, relationship with venture capital, the expansion and diversification is not really there, it also isnt detailed enough which basically is really weird because its supposedly will end up in a messy when his company is worth billion RMB but his COO is a Secondary school graduate that he met in the internet cafe. also none of his employee ever got poached ! even though it is not written that they ever got atleast a % of management share or the professional N+ something on employee grade. -he doesn't do bank loan to build his own building(skycraper or stadium for e-sport maybe) -one of his goal is to make smartphone, but the novel doesnt go into detail the complicated patent and tech research needed to built one from scratch( and year of preparation and patent built up steve jobs have) -he's not into buying foreign devil company. (which means he rather made in china a bootleg war craft than try to buy blizzard) -he won against QQ, even after softbank injection, it never go into detail of the vampiric capital, its just they let it happen. -the focus just jump around left and right. author is not sure where to go tbh,

  5. You must be reading a lot of brain deficiency xianxias. Whats the point of business management if you're going to wandwave every business part of it? Do you understand what management is? Thats like a crime mystery thriller without the problem solving elements and a lot of filler face slapping.

  6. try read this novel the author researched very well about computers, hackers and etc ... so it was very detailed (maybe you like it, although it has nationalism and racism, but the story is very detailed)

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