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Le crash d'un avion a provoqué la chute d'un grand nombre d'élites qui ont participé à un célèbre forum. Leurs souvenirs ont été compressés à l'extrême par l'énorme énergie qui a éclaté en un instant. Avec l'âme incomplète d'un ingénieur informatique, ils ont traversé le temps et l'espace parallèles de San Francisco en 1979. .

Ouvre les yeux et regarde le monde. Une génération de chanteurs échappe à la tourmente des passeports, attendant que j'en profite. Apple Computer est sur le point d'être lancé, et comment les milliardaires peuvent devenir l'un d'entre eux… C'est vraiment une époque pour montrer leurs talents !

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Titre Court:RTM
Titre Original:重生科技狂人
Weekly Rank:#4438
Monthly Rank:#5479
All Time Rank:#2756
Mots Clés:Adult, Age Regression, Business Management, Celebrities, Clever Protagonist, Hollywood, Male Protagonist, Polygamy, Pregnancy, Rebirth, Time Travel,
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36 Comments on “Rebirth of the Tech Madman
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  1. this MC is not ruthless enough to be a shrewd businessman....he is lacking, simply lacking......I don't know if the author forgot but the MC still has memories of various elites but he doesn't utilizes them to their full.

  2. This site has barely any novel that has actual sex on it, why the fuck is there always a word that gets mistranlated to sex everywhere?

  3. I just one to confirm this just realistic in here don't mad cause you single like me, I like this novel good not naive man and I think this good than virgin, cukcload, single mc, why anyone like man with no girl are you all gay??? Or you like woman with woman or woman with many man whoa, this generation is destroy by you mind, and if no have sex do you think you girl can't hold their horny, like you 4 years or 1month no sex with partner, you partner can have sex or cheated with other man/girl, if you not believe go to you friend or bring stranger who good than you to flirt with you partner

  4. Dissatisfaction is not because the MC is chasing women but because the author put more focus on chasing women and running around in entertainment industry(not even Hollywood) instead of what the name of this novel suggested.

  5. No matter how popular movies are placed in the Hong Kong market, the return in US dollars, at most, may not reach 10 million

  6. Lol, you said "this generation is destroy by you man" while complaining that people arent happy that 50% of the novel is the mc chasing girls instead of going higher into the industry. Im sorry people arent as horny as you to always want a harem, girl chasing mc, romance. There isnt even romance in the tag and from what i got from the review, the mcs chases a lot of girls. Or maybe thats why it isnt romance, he just chases a girl because she looks pretty and not because he likes her and wants a romantic relationship with her.

  7. Yeah I either 50% about woman half about tech half business not business full no woman just business that so sad stay virgin mc 😔

  8. Whenever the story shifts to Hongkong I skip, it was just too boring. No actual sex, dont even have a good enough technique to chase women, the women are just cardboard characters that needs to just lay down and get fucked off screen. No personality at all, most of the time you need to reference from other novels so you could get some detail about them. At least other novels give the girls background story to give them personality, this novel just "oh it is xxxx, she is this and that so I take her into my harem".

  9. Oh 😅 I know you like man not like woman oh OK OK, you is woman right hmm hmm, next time read woman protagonist not man or man but eunuch or genderless OK

  10. And or just ask don't mad right or you can't you stamina is low??? And can't good well to do it OH cause of that you hate, who is stamina is well than you don't mad man or girl

  11. Tbh I don't think this novels name is accurate, more 70% of the novel is him skirt chasing or doing movies and tv shows. There is only enough tech for a few dozens chapter in between each arc of entertainment. My expectation of a tech mad man is a person who would be constantly juggling different parts of the tech industry. I honestly just skip all the skirt chasing and entertainment part of the story.

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