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Résumé du Roman

Luo Chen, «One Generation Immortal Venerable», a été attaqué et renaît et est retourné sur Terre.

C'est une personne ordinaire, confrontée au mépris de sa petite amie, au ridicule de ses rivaux, à la vie misérable de ses parents, et aux menaces et provocations des riches et des jeunes.

Il a juré de changer l'injustice du destin, de se tenir au sommet de ce monde et de dire à tout le monde que Luo Chen était venu ici.

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Titre Court:ROTUI
Titre Original:重生之都市仙尊
Auteur:Luo Shu
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#690
Monthly Rank:#634
All Time Rank:#555
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12 thoughts on “Rebirth of the Urban Immortal
  1. I jumped a lot of chapters so i cant be 100% about harem but lan belle, hai ji, and guan yu should be his womens, not 200% sure, okay from what iread in this series:BAD BAD BAD this history go likr this he come to a new city, his girlfriend in cheating on him and disdain him, ofc after some plot and face slaps she cries and admit that she choose the wrong guy, then on the same city xia somenthing goes after him, change personality and disdain him , when her arc ends she is lefting crying, so new city same plot,he goes to his fiance house to help her, after she disdain him a lot she learn he is good but ofc she disdain him again again again again again again then she wish for hir to be humiliated and die, by the end of her arc she is left crying, then u repeat her arc until 1000 chapters at least…… Dumb plot dumb people dumb enemies everyone is dumb, we can crearly see author does not know how to write a history, when u read u will see people trying to kill him for nothing, whole 5 or 10 chapters or more from people talking bad about him why? Well for some reason all the people hate him, he also keep pulling diferent powers all the time just so he could stretch the novel cmom 11x times or more the same exact plot with the same exact face slap just change the golddigger, 90% or more cant think and example he saves 10 random people then there are 2 girls that need help, one of them ask please could u help me? Then he says ok and helps her and other people, then the other girl order him: here! carry my things for me(the ones who cant carry while walking before the time limit are going to die)and order him he says no! Then EVERYONE wants him to die…..
    This type of logic is ALL the logic u find in this novel, lets talk about his mother she is missing okay? Yeah she almost dies while his dumb father(worst character in the series dumb as hell if author dindt plot armor him he would plant mines for mc all the time) thing he should not tell her name to him(then he dreams she is dying and she is because of his sheer dumbness) 1. He didnt tell his mother name to mc(mc could easily instantly save her already but his father w8 until she is dead to tell him, reason? NONE seriously NONE he could save her ages ago 2. When mc meets his mother he see she is dying AND dont want to save her because he dont care about people, she ALSO doesnt know he is her son because for some dumbass reason his father changed his name making everything wrong, second everyone and i meant is shee dumb his mother is dying because she is dumb too.
    Well overall entire arcs and plots are just do overs plenty of times, also he makes enemies for dumb reasons and his enemies always want to kill him again and again, why? No logic bro sry to say worst urban novel in history for me, thats why the manwha changed everything every plot so bad not logical, here if u save a person he wants to kill mc, if u say hi to a person that guy vows to kill mc , hell if u tell people they are wrong they want to kill u , if a arrogant person weak person try to kill mc and mc is stronger, no question call elder to kill mc and no! The elders WONT be in danger why? They are sure they arent in danger the same as the former, they only admit they are stronger( normal life logic if someones want to deal with u, they ARE sure to defeat u) all the characters are arrogant and disdain mc it is so horrible that perhaps i saw those 2 words in this novel more than i saw in my whole life, can i give 5 negative stars.

  2. Is this novel has harem or virgin till the end? Is there romance or not

    I know there are many love interest or women who clings to him but he didnt react to them at all.

    Pls leave a comment if there is aharem member

    1. 3 womens from what i read lan belle or lan beier ,hai ji e guan yu ( i dont knoe if she is his women right now but she is 100% sure to be because she is the only women he should want 100% i jumped a lot in this trash novel but lan belle go to a marriage with him and people appear to say they are a couple, hai ji is 100% his women because she is going to marry young master later hahaha so u know the plot, also guan yu is the Women who dies by his side when he dies on his first life, if u know more about his harem you can say

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