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Reborned as an Orphan Girl With a Spatial Pocket!

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Après la mort de son grand-père, Lu Xiaoxiao, une fille qui a vécu au 23ème siècle, a vécu seule dans la villa laissée par son grand-père malgré l'aversion de ses proches.

Soudain, elle a découvert que son grand-père lui avait laissé une place à Yu Peili. Elle aime lire des romans, craignant que la fin du monde ne vienne, et elle commence à accumuler désespérément des choses.

Dans le pays, il est devenu le corps d'une fillette de 8 ans nommée Lu Xiaoxiao dont les parents sont tous les deux morts avec le même nom et prénom. Heureusement, l'espace s'est réuni, même à cette époque étrange, je peux bien vivre

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Titre Court:ROGWSP
Titre Original:重生年代文孤女有空间
Auteur:Lu Hua Hua
Weekly Rank:#14
Monthly Rank:#15
All Time Rank:#164
Mots Clés:Child Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Magical Space, Orphans,
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80 Comments on “Reborned as an Orphan Girl With a Spatial Pocket!
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  1. Good morning, does anyone know where I can find the novel that talks about how she (Lucille) died on a top secret mission due to her partner's betrayal. But by some miracle, she was granted a new life and she was reborn into a girl with the same name. Determined to uncover the truth and seek revenge for her family, Lucille took advantage of her second chance in life. However, her plans were complicated by Joseph, a seemingly frail man who was actually an expert in martial arts. And he seemed to fall deeply in love with her, now this new knowledge only added to the complications of Lucille's revenge plan.

  2. Giving up at Ch.3421 There are a lot of problems with this novel. The MC personality is weak and she's pretty stupid. A 30-year-old transferring to an 8-year-old body. Also reborn into 1950s to 60s of China and she doesn't avoid suspicion. Her behavior makes no sense and she doesn't act her age at all. The ML is stupid he works for the country as head of a special op team but he needs the MC's help every time something happens. And the MC solves all of his issues and then recruits people and give them to the ml because she wants to be a salted fish. But she doesn't actually want to be a salted fish because she gets bored whenever she's living in peace. Story just goes over and over repeating face slapping and eating food and saving ml's ass. Also most of the story doesn't conform to the times. If the someone acted like the MC and the ml in the 50s or 60s they would be executed. After 3,000 chapters the repetition and the lack of IQ a character progression is boring.

  3. reading till around 600 i felt it became boring and stupid. the idea of a special force squad cultivating immortality seems interesting and it was implied ML and his squad were highly valued by the country's government. but yet at the same time became scared of mundane stuff like bloodletting and killing by evil sect. the age they are in had just experience world war and conflict where the brutality cruelty there should be higher. the local gang war and clan war should be complicated and intriguing. and yet they didn't even know various way of interrogation, negotiation, investigation etc (something even police cadre knows) that they need an 9-year-old girl to teach them is ridiculous. at the same time mc being rather a pushover and ML being overprotective/oversensitive despite being useless kinda tick me off. and since it is ongoing even after 5000, i think i'll drop for now.

  4. Please help me find this. When Song Nian realized that she was the original partner of the richest man Shen Yuchuan, who died early. The original owner has already queuing up at the train station fleeing to the south, waiting to get on the train! The original body disliked her husband's poor reputation, so she fled to the island overnight with her big belly to join her sister. As a result, she was knocked down by someone on the train, and died of a miscarriage. Song Nianning looked down at her chubby belly, then looked up at the gate of the county hospital, when she was hesitating between having an abortion and giving birth. The boss blocked her at the hospital gate, his eyes full of crazy criticism: "If you make trouble again, your legs will be broken, and you can only revolve around me for the rest of your life." Name is 'cubs escape after wearing to 70s.' Please.

  5. not sure what happen later on since i just started. but somehow FL male-female logic and ML bold action felt out of place and forced. sure if it was the current modern era where ppl's relationship are more open, some of things i could take it for granted. but remember that she just rebirth to china 1958. The society was not that open. and yet FL somehow tolerated an older male ML to live in her yard and even caringly and voluntarily provide meals and shelter when he came over? a stranger she only met several time? even when ML sneakily intrude her house, she just kick him with temper, let him stay overnight and next morning cook breakfast for him? and all sort of offensive and what constitute as harassments and stalking, FL seems to tolerate ML despite only knowing his name?

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