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Red Moon Recovery: A Cloudy Day at the Start

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[Bizarre ! Le vieil homme de Wuxun est mort tragiquement dans la rue et son cadavre n'avait pas d'ombre. ]

[Choc ! La belle-mère qui est morte sous l'eau a fait des boulettes et m'a rappelé à la maison au milieu de la nuit ! ! ]

[Peur ! Le Bouddha, qui a été consacré par d'autres, a secrètement caché des dizaines de filles ! ! ]

La lune rouge récupère et le mal sévit. Le monde entier change radicalement.

Des cadavres de dragons millénaires, la rivière Lanjiang est à plus de 300 miles sous l'eau pendant la saison des pluies, uniquement dans le but de transformer des dragons.

La ville fantôme de Fengdu divise le monde du soleil. Les dieux sont morts, les immortels sont également détruits, l'enfer est vide, seuls les mauvais esprits remplissent le monde.

Lucheng, un temple Tianjun délabré.

Quand Li Gui tenait le panier en bambou et frappait doucement à la porte. Zuo Chen murmura : Bienvenue dans mon monde.

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Titre Court:RMCCDAS
Titre Original:红月复苏:开局成为阴天子
Auteur:New Night Z
Weekly Rank:#2420
Monthly Rank:#2525
All Time Rank:#3799
Mots Clés:Cheat, Dark, Divination, Ghosts, God Protagonist, Godly Powers, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, OP MC, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Strong from the Start, Strong to Stronger, System,
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37 Comments on “Red Moon Recovery: A Cloudy Day at the Start
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  1. I know it is a norm for new Chinese novels to make Japan the one who always plots to destroy the world and after reading so many plot like that I'm already used to it. I know it's not the worse out there and it is kinda light but wow in this story it is said that you can't kill living person without discrediting them in public cause it's law in the human world but in 200+ chapter they literally didn't care about this law and killed a group of people they had a conflict with which is apparently a foreigner(japanese in this chapter) and they said it's okay to kill them cause they are ants and guess what the only one they didn't kill was the only chinese person in the just wow..Im not gonna drop this one cause it's quite a good read if you want to pass time but wow..I guess the law of not killig a living person only applies to their native citizen..Sorry for the grammar english is not my first language

  2. I miss the old chinese novels where their only objective is to find a way to improve their realm not implementing stuff in reality like xian ni/renegade immortal, strongest system, warlock of the magus world, stellar transformation stuff like that, if they ever fight other people it's from other planet or other realms and now almost all the new cultivation novels i read involves reality and all stuff like their country is the best others are devils or shit, I mean there are some new cultivation novels that are quite decent even if it involves reality but most of them are just to satisfy their own fantasies

  3. I do not understand you... It is a fictional world, even if they are called japanese you do not know the history of them with the MC's home country. In half of the novels you read the MC is a literal psychopath and you still like him? But you have a slightly racist MC for some reason unknown to you and it starts to be a problem...

  4. The history of this alternate japan does not matter. Racism is inherently bad, and cannot be justified by "they did a bad thing previously". As for the evil cultivators I like, there dubious morality can be very interesting, but the dumb nationalism I take issue with is only an inconsistent and thoughtless applications of prejudices. While more evil, a philosophy of "killing enemy's to avoid future problems" is more rational and understandable, as well as providing opportunities for a darker plot.

  5. It's fictional so they don't have to include reality there, that's why I said I like the one who pursue power where it focuses on cultivating to higher realm and there are no countries involved in it only worlds and higher realms, I don't even care if they say north is bad west is bad east is mysterious, it's okay for me because it doesn't specify a country, I just imagine it as a part of the world, even if they specify a country like usa and japan are evil( because this 2 countries are almost every villain if they specify it)I don't care because I'm used to it, but this doesn't justify them being hypocrite, its like they racist against me ill kill them all, I'm racist against them I kill them because they exist, this is what usually happens when they specify countries , while evil cultivators that I read are doesn't specify a country only part of the world like, west this east that north this south that, and all they do is strive for power a higher realm I don't care if they're a literal psychopath because they don't specify the people that they kill and he will annihilate all his enemies leaving no one behind, unlike in this one where he specifies the enemies race and kill all of them except the chinese even when they are all part of the said evil organization just because he is chinese so he is exempted, that's why I said I hate it when the novel specifies a country in reality cause it would be just like this.

  6. I hope after 300+ chapters this won't turn into something like global recovery god luoshui river or something cause it would be so disappointing

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