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« Bien que je sois une trahison de la sorcière, je suis toujours un sorcier. Je n'ai trahi que l'ancêtre du sorcier, pas la vérité."

PS : L'originalité est illimitée. Pas d'héroïne. Parti raisonnable. N'abusez pas du maître. Tous les jours à.

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Titre Court:RW
Titre Original:重铸巫师
Auteur:The fish in the rain wants to sing
Weekly Rank:#4141
Monthly Rank:#4760
All Time Rank:#5124
Mots Clés:Cautious Mc, Nationalism, System, Transmigration, Wizard, World Hopping,
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9 Comments on “Reforged Wizard
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  1. Btw in the early chaps 0-200 rather than a wizard novel this is more like a quick transmigration novel with wizard mc which is rather ironic as he was disdainful to sytemist.

  2. Unlike the earlier comment i dont find it hard to read but the only problem is. The fucking power system and skills. Yes i know abt sequence/level/order 1-8 wizard and wizard apprentice but i cant fucking understand the skill maps how he made it and how he made his own systematic profession like did he copy from the computer? Like argh

  3. Not throwing shade to MTLnovel site, but if this novel is properly translated (human), it would be more interesting and great. Machine translation can only do that much. The grammar and errors in wording is really hard to comprehend sometimes. It can break my reading momentum.

  4. Dude, you already know from the name of this site what they do here. If want to read proper TLed novel, you can read it at webnovel or search it on novelupdate. The problem is the update for proper tled novel quite slow and not everything you found here are tled properly. So if you willing to do it, you dont have to read machine translated novel.

  5. There are also different quality levels in mtl novels, the same as normal translations done by humans. Human translated range from mtl quality to good quality and mtl range from what the f*ck is this sh*t to not bad. PS: haven't started to read this novel yet.

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