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À partir du moment où la lune rouge est apparue dans le ciel, les gens du monde entier sont devenus des fous. Sauf moi!

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Titre Court:STRMA
Titre Original:从红月开始
Auteur:Ghost of Dark Mountain
Weekly Rank:#2435
Monthly Rank:#2706
All Time Rank:#3481
Mots Clés:Apocalypse, Calm Protagonist, Charismatic Protagonist, Clever Protagonist, Complex Family Relationships, Dark, Family, Ghosts, God Protagonist, Monsters, Multiple Personalities, Mysterious Past, Orphans, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Psychic Powers, Psychopaths, Serial Killers, Tragic Past,
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32 Comments on “Since The Red Moon Appeared
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  1. [498]. This hypocrite... He really said to others about polluting the sea with cigarette but he throws his own cigarette in the sea anyways... 🙃

  2. Read over 300+ chapters so far and I am impressed. The world-building, as well as the post-apocalyptic setting, weren't the only subjects that made this novel interesting. The power system in here stands out amongst other novels because it isn't based of individual talent or the will of an individual, but rather it is based off the human conscience or psyche. Combined with the horror genre, it can be executed really well as it delves into the darkness of human nature. If I had to describe the type of novel this is, you can think of it as a post-apocalyptic + My house of horrors + scp universe type. What especially kept me going was the scp-type identification system in regards to the entities of this world, where they are labelled with a number corresponding to their discovery and are prefixed with the title of special corruption event (e.g. Special corruption event 041). The storyline is especially consistent, with the starting chapters laying down the foundation of the mc and his accomplices as well as the organization he works for. But later as the storyline progresses, there will be conspiracy theories, bizarre plot twists, and monsters/humans beyond comprehension. The mc is a regular civilian who has joined a special op group in an organization, but because he has been a normal citizen for the majority of his adult life, he also has the mindset of being stringent with society's laws. Overtime as he further integrates himself as a 'special' person, he doesn't change his mindset as it has already molded, but can show emotional instability when pushed past his boundaries. Because the gradual experience in seeing the loss of human life as a regular occurrence in his 'job', he slowly develops a disregard towards the importance of individuals slowly, which goes to show good character development in relation to his profession. This I can say is a pro of the mc's character as he is shown to be slowly changing as his world view expands, but a con I can confirm is because he is too stringent with the city laws, he follows them strictly. Even when he has a status above ordinary law enforcement agents, he still relies on the police for problems such as corruption or scandal and not to mention that he is ignorant towards enemies with high social status because of his naive bias towards the justice system. If I have to rate it: -World-building=4.5/5 -Power-system=4.7/5 (Due to its uniqueness) -Story=4.3/5 -Character development=4.2/5 -Conspiracies=4.5/5 -Characters=4.4/5 (They have a realistic feel to them and don't act as catalysts for mc development) -Villains=4.2/5 (Each have their own unique abilities and even display cunning and strategical thinking in going against the mc whether its through social status or battle intuition) -Fight scenes=4.6/5 (Each opponent fought against isn't a simple battle exchange but rather who grasps the others weakness and understanding of their ability first) -MC=3.8/5 (Temporary, because I like their personality change throughout their development but hate their naivety of trusting the justice system too much. Has potential) Overall rating:4.4/5

  3. Can someone add "Horror" into this novel genre pls🔪 I feel sad seeing someone rate This Horror novel 1 star for being horror💢

  4. Every time somebody asks what if Mc is virgin or what chapter he lost it, to me that is like asking what chapter is the sex scene. LIKE YO! Just go if you can fap to words. (Don't ask me how I know.)

  5. For me I said what mc virgin is I want to know mc in eunuch, gay, single, virgin to die, or cuckload just said about what chapter mc virgin lost,,, if you not like you must not like sex or be virgin or you like woman like ottoman genre or you like be single in time you parent must have another kid for being normal not you

  6. For example if you brain tiny bit, I said about that cause of mc is have dick or not or he eunuch, why I just ask that you like hate it cause you get cheated or cuxk before or you can't do that I know that hard for you, not forgive about what I said cause you said that frist?

  7. This again if I see in sex story and I read it like different you know if I imagine mc is full not hungry but in this story mc still hungry or, I imagine about mc fuck his girl but in that novel stranger fuck his girl not mc, nah like that

  8. I just imagine about you girl friend nah about you friend hangout with you girl cause you girl, so long wait you you know???? (I just ask about mc lost his virgin in what chapter, just say no have that and I add eunuch mc or you say about yeah In chapter blablabla or In last chapter but no fuck scene mc girl start to pregnant but no fck scene like that simple, oh I know cause you frustasion about I'm up what I said about you)

  9. Damn! Atleast go to grammarly to fix the grammar. But yo, if you really wanna find out if mc is gay, eunuch or sumth, there is tags for that. You could also just read to find out. But you explicitly asked if mc is virgin and if so what chapter he lost it. Like bruh! Just read the novel if you really wanna gind out and look at the tags. Don't make excuses. Would have been better if you aksed if it was harem, cause I know some people don't like harem so it is reasonable. But wtf you aksing if MC is virgin for, if not for asking what chapter is the sex scene.

  10. Dont make excuse bro u just asking where is the sex scene, and please bro atleast u need to read some review, comment or just read the tag u can see what this or other novle about if they mention harem or romance etc it may have sex scene

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