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Springtime Farming: A Happy Wife At Home

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Résumé du Roman

Elle était à l'origine la fille de la famille du magistrat du comté, mais sa mère l'a forcée à se marier dans une famille de fermiers.

Elle est venue de tout le pays, avec des pouvoirs surnaturels, transformant ses mains en nuages ​​et couvrant ses mains en pluie, elle était comme un canard à l'eau chez son mari, est tombée amoureuse l'une de l'autre, s'est transformée au mieux, et a vécu une vie de ferme différente.

Mère : Je le regrette maintenant, je le regrette beaucoup. Si je l'avais su plus tôt, je ne la laisserais pas se marier si je la tuais !

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Titre Court:HWAH
Titre Original:农门春暖:家有小福妻
Auteur:Yilan Xi
Weekly Rank:#3
Monthly Rank:#1
All Time Rank:#15
Mots Clés:Ancient China, Beautiful Female Lead, Business Management, Complex Family Relationships, Couple Growth, Farming, Female Protagonist, Handsome Male Lead, Magical Space, Modern Knowledge, Poor to Rich, Transmigration,
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  1. Does anyone know the name of the novel where female protagonist reincarnation into a baby body and she was black and ugly so her family hated her and abandoned her so her maternal grandparents toke pity on her and decide to raise her and toke her to the countryside and after years she become more beautiful and one of the elder that knows her grandfather gave her pendant that allow her to go virtual game and there she meet the male protagonist and they will do missions together.

  2. can someone please help me fine about a story the fl is from cultivation world and she was hunted because the fl is suitable for being a human furnace then she was transmigrated inside a book (not sure if book) but it was in modern times wherein she became a wife of a crippled and blind man and the original owner of the body is an atress with a stinking reputation. the original owner's cousin is the heroine and the hero is her ex-fiance. the original owner had filler on her face (plastic surgery something?) and when the fl transmigrated she rremoved those fillers. the fl was doing live while cooking for the male lead

  3. Does anyone knows about this story? The girl was from cultivation world but she died from the pursuit of others then she was transmigrated into the modern world and became the wife of a crippled and blind man. The wife has plastic surgery? Like fillers. She transmigrated into this book but she was not the heroine but a villain and the heroine was her cousin? And both of them are actresses then the wife knows how to cook and she's doing live. Well i really can't remember it but i really want to read it again

  4. can anyone help me find a QT novel with op female i dont think there is cp i remember at first episode she is acting like a sweet and silly girl but she makes her system sleep and instantly changes into a strong female and always fools the system telling it that main system is against them and in one of the arc finds a female with a live broadcast system connected to a interstellar world where she gives the admiral a diagnosis to heal his son's mental state and gains great profits later she overthrows her system connection to main system and travels as the main god herself establishing her system as main system

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