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Résumé du Roman

Peu importe que vous soyez kidnappé dès que vous traversez, pourquoi est-ce un groupe de croisés qui vous a kidnappé?

quoi? Ils se considèrent comme des indigènes, ou comme des disciples des grands frères, puis se font passer pour des indigènes.

En bref, c'est l'histoire de Jiang Hen dérivant sur la route de Faye.

- Description de MTLNovel


Titre Court:SCS
Titre Original:从构造技能开始
Weekly Rank:#229
Monthly Rank:#281
All Time Rank:#802
Mots Clés:Absent Parents, Clever Protagonist, Dragons, Dwarfs, Eidetic Memory, Elves, Fast Cultivation, Fast Learner, Game Elements, Kingdom Building, Magic, Male Protagonist, Modern, Nationalism, Orcs, Poor to Rich, Racism, Scientists, System, Weak to Strong, Wizards, World Hopping,
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  1. Second 1000+ chapter novel I've completed, but the first novel I've actually kept up with since it was 800+ chapters to the end, hope it has a sequel tho I feel like there's still more to explore with worlds such as hell out there as an example

  2. Normally when I am up to date with the novel I'll stop reading after awhile cause I'll find new novels to read and then forget about the one I'm up to date with an d I can't be bothered to reread it when it's completed so I just leave it in the library

  3. 100 chapters in and while it's not bad I think earth through the ages (authors previous novel) reads better. The mechanics of get loot orbs with world coins and equipment and the like just seems to be better I think. In this one you get coins for the impact on the world form heat I can see. And any item can be authenticated. Which just doesn't seem to flow as easy. Will keep reading though.

  4. Please ignore the autocorrect issue. I'm embarrassed that I didn't catch them. Im not the best speed typing on a phone.

  5. Es una novela para los que aprecian la trama, no virgachos como vos que en lo único que se fija es escenas de sexo y lujuria lacra inmunda

  6. He's being hypocritical about it . Why let them tag on to him then if he is all about the path to power then drop them they literally have anoying families tied to them

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