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Start with the Lord of the Rings

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Côte à côte avec Gandalf en Terre du Milieu ;

Promenez-vous avec Dragon Mom dans le monde de Game of Thrones ;

Danser avec Liya dans le monde de Dragon Valley…

Ps : C'est une histoire de marcher dans un monde fantastique infiniment magnifique.

Tout a commencé avec « Le Hobbit »…


[Le Hobbit, Le Seigneur des Anneaux, Game of Thrones, Dragon Nest…]

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Titre Court:SLR
Titre Original:从指环王开始
Auteur:Deep sea old cat
Weekly Rank:#427
Monthly Rank:#231
All Time Rank:#933
Mots Clés:Archery, Based on a Movie, Cheat, Dragons, Elves, Fan-fiction, Male Protagonist, Medieval, Romantic Subplot, System, Time Skip, Wars, Weak to Strong, World Travel,
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  1. Geez... i dont know why the author makes daenerys braindead in latest chapter???? Seriously. Just to make a plot about how mc will kill the 3 dragons in the future so he will become a veritable "Dragon Slayer" the sypnosis is about how he will walk side by side with daenerys but now... smh... i really dont like the idea that mc was going on his own and build an army to unified the westeros. This was inconsistent with the first volume in "Lord of the Ring"

  2. Tienes razón, además de que incomoda como el MC pudiendo salir ileso de un ejército de orcos uruks ahora actúe tan desapercibido, aunque hay que recalcar que el MC quiere matar a los 3 dragones para obtener puntos de alma no por el ser un "dragon slayer"

  3. Yeah, author just turned Daenerys into a edgy dumb girl for plot convince. And it's not like those hard won soul points increasing his stat by one point is going to bring any drastic change. MC could have exploited the system in LOTR world. All he needed to do was keep his stat only a little higher than other humans and just increase the level of his skills. That way he could easily survive all the fights and harvest soul points easily. Unlike now, MC just increased his stats every time he got soul points. That made earning soul points way more harder and didn't even bring him any big edge over other people. At this point he's just between Captain America and normal human strong.

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