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Starting Out As A Goblin Summoner

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Résumé du Roman

Quand une ville moderne traverse un autre monde un jour, chacun a son propre livre d'invocation.

Gobelins, gobelins, trolls, vers des sables, hydre des marais, dragons magmatiques…

Le monde splendide et coloré a débuté.

Le nouveau paramètre d'arrière-plan invoque des animaux de compagnie en streaming diffusant un nouveau livre.

Conquérir, survivre, prendre des risques et combattre !


Non sans cervelle, IQ en ligne. Un nouveau livre demande de l'aide !

- Description de MTLNovel


Titre Court:SOAGS
Titre Original:从召唤哥布林开始
Auteur:Laugh and Joy
Weekly Rank:#1758
Monthly Rank:#1542
All Time Rank:#2824
Mots Clés:Cheats, Fantasy, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy Magic, Fantasy World, Level System, Monster Tamer, System,
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15 Comments on “Starting Out As A Goblin Summoner
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  1. Muy chévere, el inicio es un poco absurdo ya que podían convocar un libro mágico y creían que no pasaba nada raro, pero es unos pocos capítulos ya comienza lo bueno. Lo recomiendo.

  2. I wanted to read this novel but after seeing the review about: communications went down. They got system. And they acted as if it didn't exist...I don't know, but it sounds bad. Got cold feet. I am gonna pass.

  3. Well... how do you want them to react? Scream like a b*tch who bump his pinky toe? It's totally normal, it is just communication, of course they would think it will come back for some time.

  4. You have issues. This is what review says:"Everyone gets a system and communications are dead, their first reaction is to act as if it doesn't exist and live normally? Feels too creepy to even read." I would take reviewer's words instead of your mindless pubescent burst, Don't try to deny, if you act like one, you are one. Now Bugger off. Lmao. Oh man, still laughing. Says it's completely normal. Lmao

  5. Your reply totally didn't make sense. I was asking what normal reaction would they do then? You based upon what others' person thinks, you sound miserable, dude. Get a look for yourself, you just listen to people lol. You know what, you are those kind of people who are afraid to be vaccinated because the people said so lol

  6. All this time ...what did you think review section for? Wait...did you ever think? Did you?...yeah, well. Didn't think so. Go back to sucking your Mama's tits. This is the only thing you are capable for.

  7. The review seems to be incomplete, and it has been wrongly summarised you have to read it to know what happened, apart from the that the novel is pretty good just not complete

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