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Une fois les blagues sur le football, notre usine compte huit combats en exclusivité !

L'arsenal qui a autrefois balayé la Premier League et a frappé 49 tours sans défaite a commencé à couler. Ce fut le début du cauchemar d'innombrables fans d'Arsenal !

Notre usine, Nana, la leader de l'Union Européenne, le signe de la différence de température, le capitaine de l'équipe commerciale, les quatre démons fous, etc…

Les Gunners ont fait leurs adieux à l'ère Henry et ont renvoyé Vieira. Les fans pensaient que c'était le début d'une nouvelle ère, mais la réalité leur a dit que c'était un traître qui avait trompé tous leurs sentiments !

En août 2011, le capitaine d'Arsenal Cesc Fabregas partait avec un transfert humiliant, et au même moment Arsenal accueillait un adolescent !

Wenger : "Voulez-vous être un défenseur ordinaire ou un milieu de terrain de classe mondiale ?"

Tout change à partir d'ici…

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Titre Court:SW
Titre Original:悍腰
Auteur:Golden seal
Weekly Rank:#53
Monthly Rank:#69
All Time Rank:#2543
Mots Clés:Calm Protagonist, Football, Hard-Working Protagonist, Hidden Abilities, Male Protagonist, Mature Protagonist, Ruthless Protagonist, Soccer, Transmigration,
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  1. Judul : Ordinary Person in the Middle of Chaos( Reality & Virtual) Author : zxxkil / zxx_kil Genre : Fantasi , CountDown Apocalypse , System , Game , Action , Hewan Mutan , Pedang , PetPartner , Soul Sl*ve , Sedikit Dew*sa Aplikasi : Fizzo - Ongoing Note : Slow Plot.

  2. Okay guys I won't talk much, this novel is about a Chinese man who is being watched by Arsene Wenger who is the Arsenal coach. He was watched and bought because of his performance against Arsenal when he was still at Sporting Lisbon (Portuguese Club). At first his skills were only focused on defending such as tackles, interceptions, 1 vs 1, theft and others. Why does he have this skill? Because at Sporting Lisbon he is a Full Back or side defender whose focus is on defense, in contrast to the Wing Back who usually participates in attacks from the side of the field. But he was bought by Wenger not to be a defender but to develop him into a midfielder (the focus was on defensive midfielders at first but later changed to central midfielders), Wenger wanted him to become a defensive midfielder because apart from being good at defensive skills he apparently has very good passing like Xavi at Barcelona. Then while at Arsenal, he did not directly play in the main club but at the beginning of his year at Arsenal he was focused on training in order to adapt to his new position. Okay this is new, this novel is very realistic and I like it. Then at Arsenal he slowly played and gradually won the championship with Arsenal, the FA Championship in the second season, the Premier League the next season but failed in the Champions League, then the next season the Champions League. THIS IS SO GOOD, WHY? THIS IS REALISTIC. It's rare to see a football novel where the protagonist's development is so gradual but not too fast in gaining championships with the club. This is football, there is no instant success which is the interesting thing in this novel. Romance is also rare and if there is it isn't the main focus while I'm reading this. he doesn't even have a girlfriend to date, which is a good thing because it keeps him focused on football. He is also loyal to one club, namely Arsenal, because the fans love him and he loves the Arsenal fans and the club. About nationalism, in my opinion this is not too much or even there is no racism at all in this novel. It was refreshing to read this novel, it was a breath of new air. Even if there is nationalism, I think it makes sense because everyone would want to defend their own country but here it's not too exaggerated like underestimating other countries it doesn't even exist. For me 10/10.

  3. So far he doesn't have a girlfriend but when he has a private documentary, the presenter is a woman from China too. But he didn't have that kind of interest to her. So that until now, he has never had a girlfriend but that does not mean that in the future he will not have a wife. However, now he is focused on his football career.

  4. I am at 116 now and the MC feels too conservative with money to me. Does he change and enjoy the rich life or live like this ?

  5. of course in the end the MC will make a lot of money, So he actually bought a villa but not as big as Messi's or Ronaldo's. Like an ordinary house, but he didn't buy a Villa to show off his money but to give himself a better sense of security and privacy than before. We cannot say that his decision to buy Villa was wrong.

  6. So the MC lives like a saint other than the villa and doesn't enjoy the capitalistic life? And he doesn't make any investments to grow his money? This author has one other football book with no romance, lets hope that doesn't happen here. I had hoped that he will enjoy all that capitalism has to offer and will also use his future knowledge to make extra money. I guess that's not happening.

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