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Résumé du Roman

En tant que trois bons élèves du 21e siècle, il est né dans un animal!

Zhao Yi était très déprimé, et il est rené avec un système étrange - tuer peut être amélioré, la mise à niveau peut faire semblant d'être forcé, faire semblant d'être obligé de ramasser des filles ... à partir de là, au sommet de la vie! < / p>

- Description de MTL


Titre Court:SDGS
Titre Original:至尊妖神系统
Weekly Rank:#4116
Monthly Rank:#3558
All Time Rank:#3297
Mots Clés:Evolution, Harem, Male Protagonist, Non-humanoid Protagonist, System, System Administrator, Transmigration,
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11 Comments on “Supreme Demon God System
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  1. mc too childish and stupid, everything happens because of his stupidity ... his friends are always taken hostage because of him.

  2. Its frustrating that the MC is provoking people left and right but if they surrender he sometimes let go, then this person hunts him down and create trouble. If you are blood thirsty at least be consistent and don't leave future trouble. He acts like a god, as expected from CN, but he nearly died all the time, if not for the indestructible plot armor, he be dead rat.

  3. Same as always, annoying and brainless enemies. Like 'all' yeah ALL chinese novel the mc is hated and the enemies are all over the place, it is plot armor thickening no jutsu again over and over. I sometimes ponder upon the topic why chinese authors have the tendencies to write an arrogant mc and brain side characters, and i came to conclusion--------they are dumb as fck.

  4. Yes, I agree, and he always makes the composer the hero so sad and stupid and a comic become a pet in front of his parents Haha And when the same words are conveyed to another world, your grievances, my grievances, I will protect and so on And some novels, the author wants a weak family to stand at the top of the world and take his parents everywhere or move to another world and wants to return to his world from eating his family on earth. Most of their novels are nonsense after millions of novels. Nothing is logical to a few novels

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