Sweet Chief Secretary

The elder master in Shen’s refused female secretary to maintain his image,thus the girl, who was beautiful and tough, lost her job. Later, she became the secretary of the young master, a playboy. As a secretary, she not only had to help the playboy deal with the enemy but also he.... Lire la suite

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Chapitre 334 Isn't this hitting his face? Chapitre 332 Send flowers to home Chapitre 331 How do you see people in the future? Chapitre 330 Can't help but want to kiss you Chapitre 329 Accompany me for a drink Chapitre 328 Brother I cook in person Chapitre 327 See yangyang again Chapitre 326 I also want to use money to buy people and dream! Chapitre 325 Bigger and bigger Chapitre 324 Knowing you today, I was not too busy Chapitre 323 Can help Chapitre 322 Don't go, let me know

Chapitre 321 All the truth Chapitre 320 Promise not to let you down Chapitre 319 All crazy Chapitre 318 Calculated Chapitre 317 Happy things Chapitre 316 Accidentally became a celebrity Chapitre 315 My failure to keep you is my regret Chapitre 314 Farm fishing Chapitre 313 Promise me a condition Chapitre 312 Slap in public Chapitre 311 Greedy for cheap Chapitre 310 Another trap

Chapitre 309 I can stand Chapitre 308 Everyone will say beautiful things Chapitre 307 I really want to fall in love with you Chapitre 306 cold war Chapitre 305 it's all because of you Chapitre 304 Who is too much Chapitre 303 Standing high looking far Chapitre 302 The highest place in the city Chapitre 301 Hero, thank you for saving me Chapitre 300 Classmate rally Chapitre 299 You will regret forever Chapitre 298 Disrespect for the police

Chapitre 297 Meet the Porcelain Chapitre 296 He is my brother Chapitre 79 Will do as you wish Chapitre 78 Too cruel Chapitre 77 You are so happy Chapitre 76 Don't know who did it Chapitre 75 It ’s not important anymore Chapitre 74 With whom is your freedom Chapitre 73 I want to run when I hit someone Chapitre 72 About to fight Chapitre 71 Mo Shao came to the door Chapitre 70 Leave it to me

Chapitre 69 You can't eat enough in one bowl. Chapitre 68 I've been to this muddy water Chapitre 67 Hard to reach an agreement Chapitre 66 Remove the bad crumbs and still be able to eat Chapitre 65 Keep your eye on Chapitre 64 You must help me Chapitre 63 Do you want to be together Chapitre 62 Thank you so much Chapitre 61 Sealing fees should be paid Chapitre 60 We have made an appointment Chapitre 59 Would you like me to write a thank you letter Chapitre 58 Company survival rules

Chapitre 57 You deliberately framed me Chapitre 56 You have to give me a receipt Chapitre 55 This is a reputation for eating yourself Chapitre 54 I didn't explain it Chapitre 53 Beauty and wisdom coexist Chapitre 52 There will be better people to match you Chapitre 51 You can't take it easy Chapitre 50 Is my sister Mo Shao's Primary Three? Chapitre 49 What's in your head Chapitre 48 What's wrong Chapitre 47 Anomaly is demon Chapitre 46 We are pretty good

Chapitre 45 You still bargain with me Chapitre 44 Do that Chapitre 43 Ambitious Chapitre 42 What's the matter with my face Chapitre 41 Not at the right time Chapitre 40 The most incredible misunderstanding Chapitre 39 I do not understand what you are saying Chapitre 38 Is it enough to be charming? Chapitre 37 I treat her as a master Chapitre 36 Let's forget Chapitre 35 I was abandoned by Brother Chapitre 34 No business without rape

Chapitre 33 Never seen a scolding woman Chapitre 32 I did it on purpose Chapitre 31 Nothing to do with you Chapitre 30 You are different from others Chapitre 29 Everything has come together Chapitre 28 Enjoying the thrill of meeting his requirements Chapitre 27 This little trouble is nothing Chapitre 26 After all, it will only be him Chapitre 25 go home with me Chapitre 24 Don't hurt me Chapitre 23 Zeng's family has to make money by showing up everywhere Chapitre 22 The ending of the story is too mediocre

Chapitre 21 Helpless Chapitre 20 Shut the price by you Chapitre 19 The reason is to talk to the future sister-in-law Chapitre 18 I can accommodate her Chapitre 17 Misfortune Chapitre 16 There is only one president of Shen Chapitre 15 He will definitely come Chapitre 14 Fiercely teased Chapitre 13 Relationship is not ordinary Chapitre 12 Want to buy insurance Chapitre 11 Just reach the goal Chapitre 10 Don't take it anywhere else

Chapitre 9 Meet the little pervert again Chapitre 8 Everyone went to my uncle's house Chapitre 7 This is true Chapitre 6 Take office Chapitre 5 Don't mind if you buy a new one Chapitre 4 The incorruptible will not be eaten Chapitre 3 Give another chance Chapitre 2 Why was fired Chapitre 1 Call the police, choose one

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