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En 1668, ma ville a été classée comme la meilleure zone de sécurité publique du pays.

J'y ai apporté une contribution indélébile.

parce que je me suis fait prendre.

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Titre Court:TM
Titre Original:术师手册
Auteur:Listen to the day
Weekly Rank:#4496
Monthly Rank:#4469
All Time Rank:#5489
Mots Clés:Academy, Alternate World, Amnesia, College/University, Dark, Demi-Humans, Dense Protagonist, Evil Gods, Evil Religions, Fantasy Creatures, Game Elements, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Lazy Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Multiple POV, Mysterious Past, Naive Protagonist, Nobles, Past Plays a Big Role, Prison, Prophecies, Selfish Protagonist, System Administrator, Time Travel, Transmigration,
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  1. The story of the novel is good. But I hate how the author right the novel... The author likes cliffhanger so much and when you read the next chapter the story will shift to other character's POV without any connection to the last chapter and then again on the next chapter or at the end of the current chapter it will just give a brief summary on what happened after the cliffhanger...

  2. He must write a good amount of words because this novel is advertising something(company pay so author use certain names in the world build and author must upload enough words everyday).

  3. Wanted to add a tag of "selfish characters" but there was only "selfish protagonist". The way the characters act appears somewhat confusing to me as they act affectionate at one point and then selfish at another, although that might be to hide their feelings. The mc thinks of the 2nd mc as a game character, but interacts with her as a normal person. In short the relationship between the 2 is kind of confusing for me who has negative EQ.

  4. u r correct with selfish character but I think selfish protagonist as a tag fits too... The 1st MC will do anything to become stronger not giving rest to Sonia even fooling himself thinking that he is doing this for Sonia's increase of strength

  5. The way the game characters appear and work is kind of confusing, hopefully it will be more easily understandable later on. I enjoyed reading about the "side character" more than about the mc, he doesn't seem/feel very likeable to me. Read 15+ chapters.

  6. As I read further the more mysteries are revealed that wet the appetite and force me to read more and hope that the anwsers are revealed sooner so as to stop my agonizing torture over thinking about them.

  7. Pretty sure the author goes against their own world building. The void realm was supposed to be exceedingly vast and the chance of meeting other people being close to 0, but in a few days the mc has been pretty close to other people 2 times, and they are acquaintances of the mc and the supporting mc. People's entrance location into the void realm was supposedly divided according to their strength but the second acquaintance who was "met", was significantly stronger than the mc and his companion.

  8. The mc was about to become an apathetic super genius scheming conspiracy criminal mastermind, but the change got interrupted so he only occasionally becomes apathetic/"smart" but most of the time he looks like a stupid loser who fumbles his way through different situations, because he can't think of plans by himself and is too lazy too study anything and relies only on his system/companions to get stronger.

  9. In short some characters seem inconsistent to me, might not really be so, but then again, I can't really tell any differences between characters except for a hard working and a lazy character.

  10. The overall feel the mc gives off is that he is like a wuss even though at times he might act like a "strong" person, but those times are drowned out by the strong wuss aura he has most of the time.

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