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The Almighty King of Sports

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Résumé du Roman

Il y avait une application sur son téléphone portable, et il a été obligé de recharger et de devenir membre. Il pensait avoir beaucoup perdu, mais il ne s'attendait pas à ce que ce soit le début d'une légende du sport !

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Titre Court:AKS
Titre Original:体坛全能天王
Auteur:Eighteen Flowers
Weekly Rank:#2453
Monthly Rank:#2981
All Time Rank:#2694
Mots Clés:Basketball, Beautiful Female Lead, Hard-Working Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Nationalism, Racism, Sports, System, System Administrator,
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  1. Anyone here knows good pokemon fanfiction. I am quite bored reading novel about urban,immortal, and face slap. So I kind of looking to read about pokemon fanfic like after end of the world, the Mc reincarnated in pokemon world.

  2. Bruh this novel is annoying. He wants the character to be some steel man and every woman wants to get in his pants. He keep writing about it over and over again.

  3. Can you believe author took 70 chapters to introduce MC to NBA and another 30 chapters to describe his first game!!? And so much unnecessary drama in just 100 chapters..... Unbelievable

  4. And you have any misunderstanding about betting company? Do you think to make some money betting company will hire gangstar to threaten athletes?? Are you underestimating NBA's power? If any athlete is threaten by some betting company do you think anyone will play NBA??....

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