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The Big Boss System Behind the Scenes of Naruto

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Mon nom est Uchihagen, adopté par mon oncle, et j'ai un cousin qui ressemble à un dragon tous les jours, appelé Uchiha Madara.

Il y a un autre cousin qui me voit bouleversé tous les jours, mais il n'ose pas le dire parce qu'il ne peut pas me battre, appelé Uchiha Senna.

Il y a aussi un système très tricheur appelé le «système des grands boss dans les coulisses» tous les jours pour m'inciter à unifier le monde et utiliser l'effacement comme une menace tous les jours. …

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Titre Court:BBSBSN
Titre Original:火影之幕后大BOSS系统
Auteur:Cat mocking whales
Weekly Rank:#270
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Mots Clés:Ability Steal, Famous Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Genius Protagonist, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist Harsh Training, Male Protagonist, Naruto, One Piece, System,
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23 Comments on “The Big Boss System Behind the Scenes of Naruto
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  1. CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS i'm only in the 50's (chaps) at the moment but so many things already don't make sense, like the patriarch being off with MC even though he knows himself mc has never been out of clan or been in contact with others... yet he treats him like he's an outsider because of his techniques, thinking that MC is suspicious somewhere... ignoring the fact he's been under his eyes since birth... which makes no sense... secondly MC keeps thinking the clan pit him when in fact they didn't, to pit someone is to send them into a dangerous situation not knowing how they will do and wait aside for the outcome, his clan used him as bait sure, yet they were there in the case anything happened ready to jump in at anytime to save him, like mc said it was a test, yet for some reason he has hate in his mouth keeps talking about being pitted and wants to kill patriarch... wtf? he's meant to be a grown man in a childlike body and therefore should think like one, and he does to some extent but he's no different from an aggrieved teen who doesn't understand the situation.

  2. something really wrong with this character, he wants to be a blackhand behind the scenes but he gets upset when people don't trust him or try to analyse his reason for doing things, talking about people being white eyed wolf... wtf kid you're dressed in all black wearing a mask and are obviously sewing discord... yet you get upset when someone doesn't trust you or wants to test you? do you think people are fools? not only that the things they are worried about are exactly what he's doing in the first place, it's like mc is angry for being seen through and immediately becomes defensive and childlike mentality wise it's really annoying and inconsistent.

  3. Lol maybe it’s his intuition as a ninja or just paranoia as a patriarch… I mean he turns out to be right tho… 😂👌

  4. It was so good at first but the author became horny and introduced some girls and the mc become horny and arrogant.... totally ruined the mood. To all the authors out there plz don't write when u r horny, if needed jerk off and then write. Girls are not necessary to make a good story

  5. Talking really not a good always..pit..the host...and I dont by it really to make us laugh..or..make us high blood..what's the point of fanfic..if you dont want your host grow steonger as possible..and I notice that when mc goes to second or mote world. .their ..aability will dissappear..then..what's the point ...You dont need to produce another plot in other world if the previous accumalate strength would be useless.I really really can't understand their own mindset..

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