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The Demon King Against the Sky

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Chacun a une belle histoire dans son cœur !

Il n'y a aucun regret pour mon prédécesseur !

Le monde sans fin, la fée et le fantôme, un magnifique voyage de tutelle et de grand amour.

Texte agricole préhistorique, texte invincible.

Innovation dans la routine, le même caractère, un parcours différent !

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Titre Court:TDKAS
Titre Original:洪荒之妖皇逆天
Auteur:The breeze helps the drunk moon
Weekly Rank:#2555
Monthly Rank:#2813
All Time Rank:#2527
Mots Clés:Ancient ChinaFanfiction, Ancient Times, Clever Protagonist, Cold Protagonist, Dao Comprehension, Enlightenment, Fanfiction, God Protagonist, Godly Powers, Immortals, Male Protagonist, Mythical Beasts, Mythology, Overpowered Protagonist, Reincarnated in Another World, Schemes And Conspiracies, Strong from the Start, Time Skip,
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27 Comments on “The Demon King Against the Sky
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  1. This is absoulutely the most complete Honghuang/Pangu universe novel ive ever read. From the Moment Hongmeng was broken to the River of avenues to the 9 Chaos realms to the Chaos being opened to the 3000 demons gods being born to pangu open the sky and all the way back to the nothingness above hongmeng. There is no way above Hongmeng only nothingness/innocence

  2. Whh the hell is this chinese cultivation too long. I mean mc is immortal he has op power why do he need to coolect herb for twenty thousand year does not make sense. I mean even profound immortal can do tekenesis and mc can jusr find a way to collect herb or invent method to scan tenthousand meter. I don't get it why chinese are so pround about of their immortal power. I mean they dkn't even invent more new thing i mean u refine a pill, why not just use some goldy alchemical liquid. They just say how powerful immortal that immortal those they boast about their creation and stop creating more power thing they just content. They say if immortal breakthrough his iq or all physique quality improve but mc spent ten thousand year why do their comprehension take so long to complete ok there may be reason but why is their research ability are so weak? It took only 300 year for human for age of sword to It world where a person live for less than 80 years. And this chinese immortal have alot of time but they have too little result. They can't be serious right?

  3. Primero que nada es por la conveniencia y fuerza, es como porque investigar el prender fuego con ramitas si puedes hacer el fuego directamente, segundo, la percepción del tiempo y el espacio, si bien lo que dices tiene sentido lo analizas en base a -dudosa- experiencia humana, es como las Trufas, con tanta tecnología aún usamos cerdos y la suerte, y por último, el conocimiento no es simple conocimiento, en un mundo donde conocimiento es = leyes lo que equivale poder ¿como podría el mundo permitir que sea fácil aprender y comprender? Los humanos antiguos pueden innovar porque son débiles y se ven atrapados en la necesidad, por cierto, innovar da méritos porque el tiandao no tiene constancia de dicha innovación, lo que mejora en sí las leyes del cielo, por eso también innovar es dificil

  4. This is why Xuanhuan>Xianxia>Wuxia , the scope/limits of cultivation in Xianxia is to limited for my tastes they only seek Longevity not even real eternity which is detached from the Avenue, In some xuanhuan Mc's even become an Avenue themselves after detachment/eternity and create Multiverse universes in each Organ and Crystal wall worlds inbetween in each cell, the scope and imagination is much higher and more interesting imo

  5. Here i know a good zombie novel :末世之我能垂釣萬物 When he woke up, surrounded by zombies, Xiao Zhan was panicked, but fortunately he activated the fishing system. "Ding, congratulations to the host for killing the zombies, and rewarding Titanium Flame Tachi*1." "Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully fishing and obtaining the S-level strength fruit." "Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully fishing and obtaining the AK47 Fire Kirin*1."

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