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Résumé du Roman

Lin Xiao a voyagé dans une ère de super-fantasy super-science-fiction où tout le peuple est devenu des dieux.

À partir d'une créature divine, établissez le royaume divin, gérez les partisans des membres de la famille, allumez le feu divin, condensez la personnalité divine, conquérez le royaume extérieur et saisissez la personnalité divine.

Avec son propre doigt d'or, Lin Xiao a conquis d'innombrables avions et murs de cristal en cours de route, a pillé les dieux et a finalement atteint le pouvoir suprême suprême, les dieux!

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Titre Court:TEOG
Titre Original:全球神祇时代
Auteur:Become a Taoist Overnight
Weekly Rank:#544
Monthly Rank:#506
All Time Rank:#1365
Mots Clés:Beautiful Female Lead, Bloodlines, Evil Gods, Evolution, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy World, God Protagonist, Godly Powers, Gods, Harem, Kingdom Building, Level System, Male Protagonist, Reincarnated in Another World, Religions, Weak to Strong,
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  1. I wanted to say that there are three chapters skipped (chapters 651, 652 and 653). On the other hand the problem here for most readers, to be specific this is something that the author does this so that pirate sites can't take his work. He post a random chapter then in about 2 hours I think (can't remember the exact time) he'll replace the chapter with the real chapter. For some reason most pirate sites copy the chapter on time and so this results in the mixed up chapter problem. Well I continued this by reading with Chrome's translate on the ads are annoying but most other chinese websites I've tried are similar to mtlnovel and that website only made the mistake of posting wrong chapters once or twice

  2. After around chapter 215 the chapters are so out of order that it is impossible to read. Don't even start reading this unless they fix the chapters. If it was possible to read this is a really good novel.

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