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The Future Rise of Dragon Ball

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Si Gohan n'était pas mort au combat à ce moment-là, le futur changerait-il?

- Description de MTL


Titre Court:FRDB
Titre Original:龙珠之未来崛起
Auteur:Black and white front
Weekly Rank:#3414
Monthly Rank:#3445
All Time Rank:#4168
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9 Comments on “The Future Rise of Dragon Ball
  1. The author tries to write it in his own way which is why I tried it, but I couldn't continue. Gohan disintegrated Cell but he came back but unlike in canon Cell didn't try to blow himself up so he shouldn't be able to return. That was the first strike. Second was Cell killing Trunks so Gohan could turn ss2, and gohan, in his anger doesn't immediately use his full power to avenge him but wants to have a more difficult fight so his revenge could feel more satisfying. 3rd is how Gohan somehow got his arm damaged without Vegeta there, and somehow got Goku's assistance from heaven like in canon and then I decided to stop reading. The author writes it in his own way but the main plot hasn't changed despite the differences making those things happen again almost impossible

  2. This novel was created on the idea of, 'what if Bulma stopped Trunks from following Gohan and so Gohan doesn't end up losing his arm.' So why would it then go on to copy things afterwards despite the differences?

  3. I want someone to give a proper review cause DBZ is my favorite anime wont read something that would Destroy my image of it.

  4. I didn't read it but it is likely to be the future trunks timeline... maybe it's the gohan's going back in time/space instead of trunks.

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