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The Journey of the Demon Hunter

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« La carte Gwent ne peut pas être considérée comme une carte géniale… Kwent ! L'affaire d'un chasseur de démons peut-elle être considérée comme déprimée ? »

Un certain chasseur de démons de l'école Griffin a justifié le fait qu'il s'adonne aux cartes à jouer et n'accepte pas les commissions.

En fait, c'est l'histoire d'un chasseur de démons jouant aux cartes partout et acceptant des commandes, puis cherchant des apprentis, espérant trouver un héritier.

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Titre Court:JDH
Titre Original:狩魔猎人的异世之旅
Auteur:Lord of Heaven
Weekly Rank:#5817
Monthly Rank:#5911
All Time Rank:#5748
Mots Clés:Fan-fiction, Magic, Male Protagonist, Playful Protagonist, Wizard,
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23 Comments on “The Journey of the Demon Hunter
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  1. There is no story development and he seem like a stupid person playing cards to feel normal yeah I think there is something wrong with his brain as for author he seem kind of a wuss and no intro and no self improving character

  2. This story for me is a mess...I dont know who is who and may unknown boring parts. At first I am excited that I fing gold...but its shit...messy.

  3. I saw one chapter I was already bored no starting story directly into main one and for some reason mc obsessed with cards and ge thinks playing with other people make them think he is normal person and he looks like person who is kindhearted and that says he is going to be in a lot of no sense interference

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