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11 Comments on “The Protective Overbearing Demon
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  1. nothing new, for me its a bit boring. fl was a fox, quick transmigration in different worlds to help ml with different identities. why? because ml was weak enough to need fls helps everytime and everywhere. and the villains, they all have the same characteristics, primary three, brainless jealousy, needed suitors helps to revenge. i think all ml also has the same characteristics, innocent, a bit stupid and needed fls helps.

  2. ML can't cultivate and can't compare to FL's convenient solutions. He can't solve his problems because he was not aware that he's a travelling soul. Think about the first arc, if it were not for Su Yuanyuan to help and follow him, the fate of the people ML wore won't really change because he won't remember sht. ML is not weak, he's just inconvenient and in a situation where he can't exert his strength. Did you even read the final arc and understood why he was weak?

  3. Really cute fox protagonist! It seems that due to her ancestor she has trouble cultivating, so the ancestor gave our protagonist a system! The system brings our fox through various worlds in order to rectify wrongdoings. The characters are cute and funny. And lots of face-smacking to go around

  4. Kawaii Panda is here again🤩 I look forward to seeing you in the comments because you are always in the comments and can give me a rough idea of the story.

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