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The Rise of Dark Pokemons

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Le visage résolu d'Aoki était indifférent. "Si le soleil ne brille pas sur moi, s'il vous plaît laissez-moi être entouré de ténèbres!"
Dans une perspective différente, regardez le monde entier des Pokémons.

- Description de Uukanshu


Titre Court:TRODP
Titre Original:精灵之黑暗崛起
Auteur:Hibiscus Hibiscus
Weekly Rank:#1879
Monthly Rank:#1083
All Time Rank:#1187
Mots Clés:Antihero Protagonist, Biochip, Dragon Slayers, Evil Organizations, Evil Protagonist, Fan-fiction, Fanfiction, Game Elements, Manipulative Characters, Mind Control, Monster Tamer, Pets, Pokemon, Strategic Battles, Time Travel, Transmigration, Weak to Strong,
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56 Comments on “The Rise of Dark Pokemons
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  1. Im at chapter 1000+ this novel is great and consistent the aithor did good research about this kind of stuff about pokemons his probably a fan of pokemon seeing how he made a fan fic of it but its a shame since this mtl novel wont ever get good translations because this is a fan fiction novel which wont get any better translations because fan fcitions is considered illegal they said in the copyright law so it would get banned but still this novel is great i hope that it gets more views for the author since he did such a great job making thisdont look at the fact that it only has below 800k views this is just a hidden gem buried in the sea of novels.

  2. Uhh spoiler if you have not red chapter 1129 and below mc getting magearne made me feel like "Are we seriously seeing someone brainwashing, my gosh!" I mean like dude shit got real for a moment there although it was only a dream he basically changed the contents of it this novel really deserves the tag antihero and protag i mean i wasnt ready for that because he didnt capture volcanion i thought he still had at least basic human decency i mean im not shitting things out here because when we red novels the personality and morals of a main character will start off either bad or good like him an evil person turning good and a good person turning bad but this mc here is basically a both its inconsistent having good and evil at the same time it feels very human but it doesnt go well becauze i feel like its like water and oil it doesnt feel right he can act like a good person with true sincerity and act like a villain yeah but overall this novel is good

  3. Du is lance since it was mentioned that "Today, I saw two Tianjiao figures in the world, Yulongdu and Mikkeli. Both are future regional champions, and the strength they show has also made Aoki feel the pressure."

  4. Level 1-39 is basic trainer level, level 40-49 is elite trainer level, level 50-59 is Quasi-King trainer (i dont know if the king king levels are used as reference to the level of the elite four since they call them 4 heavenly kings since this is a mtl), Level 60-64 is Junior Heavenly King( Also known as Uranus level lol and also the levels above that is they also call them uranus level) Level 65-69 Formal Heavenly King, Level 70-And above is Senior heavenly king (i dont know what was the upper limit for senior heavenly king sorry), and above senior heavenly king is Level 80-89 Quasi Championship level and Level 90-and above is Championship level(correct me if im wrong)

  5. I assume hiroma is cynthia and the sandy land shark pr bite land shark shich is garchomp sonce it was said in the chapter that it only has just evolved in level 48 which is the level for a gabite to evolve into a garchomp

  6. Thats boscodora and cocodora pokemon is i think an aron lairon and aggron when mc went to get a cocodora it was said that they were cute while its after looks scary and they have blue eyes which aron and lairon have

  7. Bangira i think is a tyranitar or pupitar since aoki was mentioning that his kira(aka as Larvitar) will evolve into a bangira

  8. Mc's strongest pokemon in his past life was a salamence and mc's personality stated in his past life was that he got arrogant after he got it and next he died

  9. Laurulas or lauras is ralts and xanadu is gardevoir i almost choosed mr mime since i couldnt understand the nature copy that is on the novel after looking at the details of the 2 possible abilities of gardevoir i saw that Trace which is actually the formal name instead of copy so bear with it since were reading mtl's

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