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The Rise of Iceland

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Au XVIIe siècle, le fossé entre l'Orient et l'Occident a commencé. Olaf, qui est né de nouveau en Islande, a pointé du doigt Obalo au sud-est de la mer et a dit : « Ce sera à moi ! »

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Titre Court:TROI
Titre Original:冰岛崛起
Auteur:The Words of Summer Bugs
Weekly Rank:#2141
Monthly Rank:#1824
All Time Rank:#2581
Mots Clés:Death of Loved Ones, Economics, European Ambience, Farming, Harem, Industrialization, Kingdom Building, Kingdoms, Male Protagonist, Modern Knowledge, Nationalism, Nobility, Nobles, Racism, Rebirth, Shameless Protagonist, Slaves, Strategic Battles, War,
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45 Comments on “The Rise of Iceland
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  1. man, this title is wrong. why did you title it "rise of iceland" if your mc focus is the grand duchy of pomenaria, sweden and poland? even iceland and vinland getting left out in the story?

  2. okay... it's good at the beginning especially arch : vinlandia and arch : 30 years war, but when i enter arch : lick the chinese feet. This makes me sick because it reminds me of the "Rise of European Emperor" where the MC told Europeans to lick Chinese feet. I even like "The Rise of the Holy Roman Empire", "Mediterranean Hegemon Road", "Ancient Mediterranean Hegemon" and "Rise of Rurik" where mc is neutral and doesn't lick Chinese feet!

  3. Never thought that brown savage like me reading novel written by the descendant of fair-skinned civilized Ming Dynasty people. Any black cattle and livestock of america read it? Bacause as a savage, i do. Chs406

  4. Well I read this novel, but dropped it when MC told Europeans to lick the feet of this Chinese. btw I'm southeast asian, greetings of savagery! (in the eyes of mainland china people)

  5. Are you talking about the country or literally an ice land? If it is the country then you are dumb as fck boi. Iceland for the most part have a vast fertile land. If you are talking about a literally place full of ice then this author is dumb.

  6. Well, we have to blame British sailors for getting drunk while naming an island, Iceland and Greenland are real examples ┐(‘~`;)┌

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