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Résumé du Roman

Le jeu en ligne de classe mondiale lancé par les Nations Unies en 2020, Tianlin, est officiellement lancé au même moment dans tous les pays du monde.

Su Ye est né de nouveau entre 2025 et 2020 et a conservé tous les principaux développements au cours des cinq dernières années.

Quoi? Vous n’avez qu’une arme de fer noir, j’ai un costume de bronze.
Quelle? Le niveau d'or de votre animal de compagnie, désolé, mon dieu est un animal de compagnie!
Quelle? Une bouteille de pharmacie 1 pièce d'or est trop chère, le patron m'a donné dix barils!

Su Ye Li Zhi: Puisque vous êtes né de nouveau, vous devez être le plus fort des joueurs!

- Description de uukanshu (translated)


Titre Court:SGL
Titre Original:网游之最强传说
Auteur:2020 Tap Water
Weekly Rank:#525
Monthly Rank:#499
All Time Rank:#188
Mots Clés:Ability Steal, Anti-social Protagonist, Beautiful Female Lead, Calm Protagonist, Charming Protagonist, Demon Lord, Demons, Dense Protagonist, Dragons, Dungeons, Dwarfs, Enemies Become Allies, Famous Protagonist, Game Elements, Game Ranking System, Gods, Guilds, Handsome Male Lead, Harem, Hiding True Abilities, Hiding True Identity, Hunters, Lolicon, Lucky Protagonist, Male Protagonist, MMORPG, Mysterious Family Background, Narcissistic Protagonist, Overpowered Protagonist, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Rebirth, Second Chance, Selfish Protagonist, Sex Slaves, Sexual Abuse, Strong to Stronger, Virtual Reality,
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7 Comments on “The Strongest Gaming Legend
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  1. I specifically looked without a harem, but here in 20 chapters 3 girls have already appeared and one will live with him. Seriously, I'm angry. How many girls can be shoved everywhere! I'm on fire! Damn harems just got it! I don't want to read only yaoi all the time. Sorry, I'm just want to read about the lone MC, because when other players show up, the quality always drops.

  2. This web novel is very poorly written. He dwells too much on insignificant moments by adding irrelevant content. There are too many content oversights. And above all the "time" is completely chaotic. Events that are said to take place the next day take place 3-5 days later, activities whose duration is indicated at 3 hours last 8 hours, a discussion of a few sentences last 3 hours. (The mc will speak to a PNJ and their discussions do not last more than 3 sentences but it is indicated that it lasted 3 hours ...) The author does not specify the operation of certain elements of the game play which are crucial for a good understanding of the situation. And there, I quote only a small part of the faults of the web novel, if you want to read something badly written n every respect, read this one.

  3. I hate when he say he was a businessman but dont know how to negotiate and even ask for the trade just it akways give it a price not even making try to make it cheap

  4. Really good but it just takes a while like about chap 120 around 100 to get over the simp mode and then it really gets good and interesting but even though I really have and open mind and like a lot of things those simp chapters really killed it for me at the beginning I was constantly seeing if it would ever end but when it finally did wow it got good and interesting fast so five stars and I usually don’t mind the mc being nice But those chapters really killed the mood after those it was smooth sailing and good so five stars

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