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The Yandere Came During the Night

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Les enfants de deux familles ont été changés à la naissance. L'une des familles est un ménage qui fait des affaires, et l'autre est un ménage de marquis. Il y a une grande différence de statut.

Malheureusement, Yu Xiang a émigré en tant que personne originaire d'un ménage commercial et élevée dans la résidence du marquis. Dès son arrivée, la vérité sur sa lignée a été révélée, ses jambes étaient handicapées et elle portait toujours la réputation de «l'étoile malchanceuse». En désespoir de cause, elle a dû serrer fermement la cuisse de son frère aîné et tenter de vivre ses jours en premier. Lorsque la fille d'origine de la famille du marquis reviendra, Yu Xiang lui rendra le poste.

Quelques années plus tard, la fille d'origine est revenue, Yu Xiang était prête à partir, mais elle a trouvé que sa technique de tenue des cuisses était trop professionnelle. Son frère aîné a refusé de la laisser partir!

Le marquis a caché son sourire avec la tasse de vin: comment sa femme choyée, qui a grandi avec lui, peut-elle partir quand elle veut?

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Titre Court:YCDN
Titre Original:忽如一夜病娇来
Auteur:Casanovanic Bookworm
Weekly Rank:#1793
Monthly Rank:#1988
All Time Rank:#1256
Mots Clés:Adopted Protagonist, Ancient China, Beautiful Female Lead, Childhood Love, Devoted Love Interests, Disabilities, Doting Love Interests, Doting Older Siblings, Female Protagonist, Heartwarming, Love Interest Falls in Love First, Male Yandere, Nobles, Overprotective Siblings, Possessive Characters, Siblings Not Related by Blood, Strong Love Interests, Transmigration, Yandere,
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10 Comments on “The Yandere Came During the Night
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  1. I'm looking for a modern Chinese novel. Fl reincarnated in a book where she is a cannon fodder . She was the fake daughter of a wealthy family. Her real family is very poor maybe road sweepers. Real daughter is the heroin of the book who hates her very much and tried to destroy her. Her adopted father could not kick her out of the house because he raised her and her eyes looks like his wife. He actually loves her but because of his daughter he sent her to her college dorms. Most powerful person is the brother of heroin who never appeared in the novel. Original heroin is not a good person and she humiliated her adopted parents after returning to the house even though she was only there to look at her and give her some pocket money.MC hugs her powerful brother's thighs so that heroin can not kill her (she killed/destroyed her in novel). But when she wants to go brother told her how can he let go the little bride he has been raising. Fl and ml never had any sibling relationship because he lived abroad from a very young age. He is indifferent to his real sister too. But for some reason he actually listened to MC's nonsense talk and the reason is same as his father because of her eyes he has a soft spot for her. MC goes to her parents secretly well she waited outside a coffee shop to see her biological parents and saw how original heroin insulted them. She never told them that she found her real parents and she is not their real daughter. MC felt that her parents were good person and helped them anonymously.

  2. I loved the MC's straightforward attitude that she doesn't hold back on PDA. When having intimate moments, there's none of that shy, blushing virgin nonsense. She doesn't hold back & is honest. Sooo many novels I've read, the couples have already been intimate lots of times but the lady still acts like it's her first time. Especially annoying when she's from modern times 😠 it doesn't make sense to me. Thankfully, there's none of that here. Couples are sweet & sticky & steamy when appropriate. Uhmmm I was just a bit uncomfortable when he kisses her while she was asleep & gave her a hickey when they clearly weren't in that level yet. Don't do this, kids. Consent is important. Okay, this granny will stop scolding now. I enjoyed this a lot. Mother Lin was annoying though, like brainless. Like if there was a zombie invasion, she will survive because she doesn't have enough brains to make zombies want to eat her. I'm afraid she might pass on her genes to MC's children.

  3. MC's maid is the only sane person here. Early on, she was already 🤔 then 😓 to 😨 🙈🙉🙊. I get why grandma went ballistic when she learned of the relationship.

  4. Love this story. It's really really good. I love YX ( fl ). I'm such a simp for her ❤️❤️. I totally recommend this to anyone.

  5. Guys please if you know anything like these tell me this is my best novel always looking for something similar but never found such sweet love and pampering and the way Mc defends male lead and understands him melts my heart please anything similar to this doting from both sides I really don’t understand how can someone not like it the mc is strong and sweet at the same time

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