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Résumé du Roman

Passant : "Boss, je veux un physique kryptonien, plus un système de culture, est-ce que ça peut être moins cher ?"

Shu Xiaobai : "Le physique de Krypton est épuisé. Si vous avez un physique de Saiyan, je vous accorderai une réduction de 20 %."

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Titre Court:TBC
Titre Original:这个体质便宜卖
Weekly Rank:#4268
Monthly Rank:#4871
All Time Rank:#3906
Mots Clés:Elemental Magic, Evil Organizations, Fantasy, Fantasy Creatures, Fantasy World, Gate to Another World, Genetic Modifications, Genius Protagonist, Godly Powers, Gods, Hiding True Abilities, Magic, Modern World, Monster Tamer, Monsters, Mutated Creatures, Schemes And Conspiracies, Scientists, Special Abilities, System, Transmigration, Weak to Strong, World Hopping,
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  1. Huh. Book has nothing to do with the summary. Basically, he has a system that gives him knowledge and the beginning traces of different power systems (magic, inner strength, cultivation etc). Then he researches and grows stronger with these powers, along with the help of the system.

  2. Of course the summary have nothing to do with the book, it's the wrong one from pirated site, the right one is on qidian : 员工:“老板,我们接下来的工作内容是什么?”舒小白:“魔法体系已经完善,接下来我们开发修仙体系。”员工:“什么是修仙?”舒小白:“!@#¥%……听懂了吗?”员工:“没懂。”舒小白:“没懂就对了,懂的话我的外挂就废了。”

  3. Interesting because He created and use different power system..he can increase attributes by adding points gained from blue thingy.. but .. he always on the verge of losing even he increase his stats till 10,000 he will still vomit blood from a punch of enemy, saw it about 3-4 times from chap1-100 ..and even if his ago is high the enemy has the ability to teleport.. I don't know how many more times he will vomit blood from 100+ every time he fight.. so yea.. the mc need to vomit blood first before power up and use this and that ..

  4. So that's why the MC got powered up.. his attribute panel rarely even show up now.. only missions and rewards.. after going to different worlds with time difference he now only use points in buying stuffs and not in upgrading stats.. maybe because cultivation can get the same effect as upgrading stats (since there's always limit when he upgrade using points) and after I saw his stats reach 400,000 the author doesn't use numbers anymore to describe his strength..and now 500-600++ he is now researching on the different physique.. created new species and understanding Dao rules/law etc.. maybe after the it he will be able to create physiques and sell it to others(like in novel summary)...maybe

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