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Treasure Hunt all over the World

3.8 (33 reviews)
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Résumé du Roman

Ye Tian, ​​qui était dans une situation désespérée, a découvert que le monde à ses yeux avait changé, devenant radieux et éblouissant!

Antiquités, peintures célèbres, or, diamants et bijoux sont tous disponibles à portée de main!

Les trésors pirates de l'île Cocos, l'or nazi dans les profondeurs de l'océan, la civilisation maya dans la jungle, les secrets du roi Salomon, la disparition de l'Atlantide,….

Ils ne sont plus mystérieux, mais ont complètement ouvert la porte, attendant juste que Ye Tian explore et découvre.



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Titre Court:THW
Titre Original:寻宝全世界
Auteur:Walking donkey
Weekly Rank:#297
Monthly Rank:#296
All Time Rank:#165
Mots Clés:Cunning Protagonist, Devoted Love Interests, Eye Powers, Hidden Abilities, Marriage, Pregnancy, Ruthless Protagonist,

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Chapter 2685 Beauty Oil Painting il y a 1 heure Chapter 2684 Tide on the street il y a 1 jour Chapter 2683 1 good hand il y a 1 jour Chapter 2682 Looting Rome il y a 2 jours Chapter 2681 Deliberate il y a 2 jours

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20 Comments on “Treasure Hunt all over the World
  1. Where is the h*rny ass h*ll mc tag? The mc can't control his hormones. I can deal with the mc's exaggerated happiness over things but if it turns into a novel where the mc constantly f*cks around, I'm out.

  2. From the 60 chapters I've read, it seems to be a novel that gains inspirations from the tv show "storage wars". Thought that it'd be something similar to adventure or exploration type of novel based on the name and summary, kind of like the game "uncharted", but I guess I was wrong.

  3. It feels like the mc' personality changes after a 100 chapters, from an easily excitable normal person to a psycho who kills without blinking or feeling anything negative.

  4. After getting rich the mc also got the bad habit of spending money, I get if he wants to buy a nice apartment/house and a car but this sh*t is also giving away money, not to charity but o reporters who follow him.

  5. The mc is a little sh*t who has no patience for luxury things and would prefer to overpay than to wait a little. It's like he has a bit of money that he just earned and thinks that he is the richest person in the world that can crush everyone with money and starts spending without thinking.

  6. In chapter 223 it was quite clearly stated that the mc is a little sh*t who would cheat on his girlfriend if not for the cameras and he would get caught. So far it started of great but the longer it goes on the sh*ttier it gets.

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