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Single Mom in the Eighties

Author: Fu Yannian Published in: 1h56m
Drama Romance Slice of Life

In the eyes of outsiders, Yan Ruxu’s conditions are extremely good: good looks, high education, a high salary, and a high position, but there is a fatal flaw: she is divorced, with a three-year-old child. Yan Ruxu didn’t care.... Show more »


My Beast Master is Really Not An Evil God

Author: dusk crow Published in: 7h57m
Fantasy Xuanhuan

Lu Yu came to a strange beast-monitoring world where evil gods peeped in and ancient taboos revived from the depths of time. In this world, birds, beasts, mountains, rivers, and even elements can be born and turned into pet .... Show more »


Rebirth Blessed Girl Takes Space To Flee

Author: Hanaba Published in: 13h57m

The eldest daughter of the Li family is beautiful and sassy, ​​she took space materials to flee famine, and after going through many difficulties in war, disease and epidemic, she united with her family to regain the glory an.... Show more »


Doomsday: I Have One More Keyword Than Others

Author: Cotton Guard Published in: 19h56m

Brave, wretched, kind, cunning, generous, greedy, elegant, vicious, happy, perverted, honest, prudish... In this doomsday world, only by winning in the alien battlefield can resources be obtained to ensure the continuation o.... Show more »