Upcoming Novels


Law of Fire

Author: 如水意 Published in: 1h6m

Two cataclysms, a wasteland. Range is no longer the truth, caliber is no longer justice, on this wasteland of the weak and the strong, the supernaturalists and the genetic warriors establish a new system of force. But the w.... Show more »


Rebirth of Qing Xin Fu Yan

Author: Shi Weiyue Published in: 4h4m

Fu Yanqing thought that as a proton, she was lucky. After all, there was tenderness in this deep palace, but she did her best to help Zhao Mojian ascend to the throne of God, but she got a lore order against her Southwest Pal.... Show more »


I'm Really Scared

Author: 万劫火 Published in: 7h5m
Adventure Comedy Fantasy Horror Mystery Romance Slice of Life Supernatural Xuanhuan

Since Guan Shan got the horror game simulator in his head, everything in his eyes became horrifying. A meat restaurant with human corpses hanging in the kitchen, an abandoned apartment building with a phone ringing at midnig.... Show more »


Quick Transmigration Live Broadcast: The Villain Boss is the Female Emperor!

Author: Emperor Jiuyi Published in: 10h5m
Romance Sci-fi

[Sweet and cool pet, 1V1] The arrogant and beautiful headline queen, the dark and cruel campus holy spirit, the mad concubine who looks at everything, the cruel tyrant who rules the world... it's all her! The jade-faced sch.... Show more »


Global Live Broadcast: the Strongest Fisherman

Author: Light of the sea Published in: 13h5m
Urban Life

After graduating from university, Ding Zhaotian returned to the seaside fishing village, and occasionally got the Hailingzhu during a trip to the sea. Since then, he has opened the world's strongest fisherman's student! The .... Show more »


Give You Two Green Hats

Author: Changle Siyang Published in: 16h5m
Slice of Life Yaoi

Lu Yi is cuckolded by his boyfriend/husband every day. Little male ex-boyfriend: My first love is back! Phoenix ex-boyfriend: who made you not gentle and virtuous, but also refusing to have children Playboy ex-boyfriend: i.... Show more »


League of Legends Invades Another World

Author: Sword under the cherry blossoms Published in: 19h5m
Fan-Fiction Game

Calademos continent, Dreus led the Noxian Empire cavalry side by side, The king of the kingdoms lowered his arrogant head. Invasion of the abyss, the coalition defeated, Galen Crown Guard commanded the Fearless Pioneer Ar.... Show more »


The Eldest Daughter is Beautiful and Saucy

Author: Thousands of birches fall Published in: 22h5m

In the previous life, the town government's mansion was completely wiped out. In this life, the eldest daughter Bai Qingyan was reborn for the first time and would never allow the Bai family to follow in the footsteps of pre.... Show more »


Eternal First Son-in-law

Author: Innocent sharp brother Published in: 1d1h
Fantasy Xuanhuan

Xu Wuzhou crossed, and he was shocked to find that he had become the door-to-door son-in-law, not only a recognized waste asshole, but also lying on the bride's best friend's bed on the wedding night. He strayed into the bro.... Show more »


Heartthrob A Doesn't Want To Fall In Love

Author: Ge Yunqi Published in: 1d4h
Shoujo Ai Yuri

Don’t want the heartthrob Alpha ★Vicious female with diseased Omega [Unconventional ABO, female a has no organs] After Ning Xi died, she wore a one-to-many simultaneous love ABO novel and became the heroine of the heartthro.... Show more »


Human Shackles

Author: I'm out of ink in my belly Published in: 1d7h

A mysterious and strange world, a human civilization lacking power, and a horrible and turbulent world of human life, Luo Kai survived humblely as a prisoner. Pain and suffering honed his will. War and killing promoted his gr.... Show more »


I Opened a Clinic In the Last Days

Author: The sea is blue Published in: 1d10h
Action Romance

Wen Qingling, as a wood type and mental type supernatural ability, was calculated by his cousin at a critical moment and pushed out to block the zombies. He was bitten and his teammates fled. He decided to find a feng shui p.... Show more »