Upcoming Novels


Dimensional Reincarnation: Becoming An Empty Self at the Beginning

Author: Situ Qingfeng Published in: 59m39s

Su Yuan accidentally came to a world where countless dimensions intersect, where all people can become reincarnators at the age of eighteen. Stepping into the reincarnation space, the first trial world was actually Kamen Rid.... Show more »


Springtime Farming: A Happy Wife At Home

Author: Yilan Xi Published in: 3h58m

She was originally the daughter of the county magistrate's family, but she was forced by her mother to marry into a farm family. She came from across the country, with supernatural powers, turning her hands into clouds and c.... Show more »


Worldwide Simulation Era

Author: Crane White Published in: 6h56m
Urban Life

This is an era when everyone can enter a thousand worlds, Sims. At sixteen, everyone has a life lamp that lights up two free life sims. In the simulation process, you must break through the limits of life in order to soar t.... Show more »


Shoot a Shot In Your Heart [E-sports]

Author: So every late autumn Published in: 9h56m

[End of the full text, the new article "Marked Dead Rivals after Differentiation" has been opened] [The cover is a picture of Fengshen and her petite wife Yueyue~] [Key points to highlight: In this article, there are deputy C.... Show more »


Dark Shadow Shrine

Author: Yu Yunfei Published in: 12h57m

In the last life in the game, the god-level assassin Raven, who was inaugurated in the Fang of God at level 118, was finally killed by Cyric, the god of murder by his own boss. Entering the Ultron world in this life, Raven w.... Show more »


I Am a Wishing Tree

Author: Huangbaishanren Published in: 15h55m
Fantasy Supernatural Xianxia

After changing from a human to a wishing tree that did not get the memory of inheritance, He Ai's goal is to bloom and bloom more flowers! Remarks: The heroine has no CP, and the fantasy female is strong and cool, please do .... Show more »


Shura Emperor

Author: fly alone Published in: 18h59m
Fantasy Xuanhuan

Shi Hao, a young man who took over the supreme powerhouse, obtained secrets such as endless exercises, martial arts, formations, alchemy techniques, and talisman techniques, which opened the way to legend. Any genius, any ov.... Show more »


Who of You Saw My Dragon

Author: Jade case blue Published in: 21h57m

Ji Yao woke up and went to Planet Alpha, which was full of orcs. It's just that the black dragon left inexplicably one morning without saying goodbye, and Ji Yao embarked on the long road to find the dragon with the egg in hi.... Show more »


The Dark Wizard of Hogwarts

Author: A shock of autumn Published in: 1d0h

Reborn into the wizarding world of Harry Potter and become a member of Ravenclaw. By coincidence, he was forced to learn black magic. There's nothing wrong with black magic! The power is great, the effect is peculiar, and .... Show more »


The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich

Author: Lilac in May Published in: 1d3h

At the end of the world in the 22nd century, Lin Xinlan, who has the dual powers of space and wood, was betrayed by her boyfriend and girlfriend. Under the double torture of body and mind, choose to self-violence, and die to.... Show more »


With A Crippled Spiritual Core, I Become The Boss Of The Cultivation World

Author: Zhongtian Ziwei the Great Published in: 1d6h
Fantasy Xianxia

[Mortal Flow] A boy from a fishing village accidentally got a magical shell with an independent world inside. Originally, he had ordinary aptitude, and since then he has embarked on an ordinary but not mediocre road to heaven.... Show more »


Ying Shao is a Girl

Author: Ying Anwan Published in: 1d9h
Gender Bender Mystery Romance Supernatural

Ying Junchu, a big business man, the richest man in the world, with a peerless appearance, perfect skills, and an unrestrained favorite. A media interview. Q: Why is Mr. Ying so keen on business? Answer: Earn money to support.... Show more »