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The Salty Little Cannon Fodder Was Targeted By the Prince

Author: Fan Que Published in: 11h54m

Du Wan passed away and became a short-lived cannon fodder. She was cheated out of the mine by the male protagonist, her gold finger was stolen by the female protagonist, and even her mother-in-law who took care of her was k.... Show more »


The System is Four Years Ahead of Schedule, But Weird is Still a Cub

Author: Unconsciously Published in: 23h55m
Urban Life

[Kill level 4 weirdos (characteristic: silent), you can redeem 3000 system points, or the system can be devoured to extract characteristics! 】 Chen Ge listened to the voice in his mind and looked at the wild cat that was ki.... Show more »


The Reborn Noble Daughter

Author: three avocados Published in: 1d11h

Feng Jinyao never expected that she would be reborn ten years ago after a fire. At that time, she was still the sweetheart of the whole family, her parents were happy, her brother and sister-in-law were in harmony. And sh.... Show more »


Marvel: Start with Level Five Mutants

Author: Eat salted fish with sharp spines Published in: 1d23h

Su Yao passed through and traveled to the Marvel world to become a mutant. He was still in the experimental base. He expressed a little panic... Fortunately, at the critical moment, the mutant ability ‘imitation’ was awakene.... Show more »