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The Right Way to Rise Uchiha

Author: I don't hang up Published in: 1h15m

A college student, accidentally reborn into the world of Naruto, becomes a member of Uchiha who is destined to be exterminated. In this cruel ninja world, in the face of endless wars and exclusion from the village, what will.... Show more »


The Years When I Disguised As a Man at the Noble Academy

Author: Bamboo Outsider Published in: 4h14m
Comedy Gender Bender Romance Shoujo

Xia Wan entered an ancient Mary Sue campus novel and became a cannon fodder female supporting role who had a marriage contract with the male protagonist F1. F1 thinks she gets in the way because he likes the heroine. Because .... Show more »


Lord of the World: I Became a Zombie

Author: Old soup simmer cake Published in: 7h14m

10 billion people in the world traveled through the apocalypse to survive, but the protagonist directly turned into a zombie after crossing... And with the passage of time, the body is gradually decaying. For zombies: Rotte.... Show more »


Gentle to the Bone

Author: 倪多喜 Published in: 10h13m
Drama Romance

Shen Yansheng always thought that she didn’t like Lu Jingce until one day she heard that a certain group boss intended to marry his daughter to Lu Jingce. She was so angry that she couldn’t eat anything that night and locked .... Show more »


Doctor Chen, Don't Be a Coward!

Author: hand inch ruler Published in: 13h14m
Urban Life

【Ding! You have received malicious complaints from patients, and you will be rewarded with system compensation! 】 If you had a bad review compensation system, what kind of person would you choose to be? ! Chen Nan chose to .... Show more »


After Being Betrayed, The Immortal Master Ran Away With The Demon Venerable

Author: 何所往 Published in: 16h14m
Adventure Romance Xuanhuan Yaoi

As Mingguang Sect’s esteemed Immortal Master, Yi Ning had never experienced much heartbreak and suffering. He had always expected his life to be smooth-sailing, and was only waiting to ascend before marrying his disciple with.... Show more »


Global Beast Taming: My Battle Pet is Double of Others

Author: ride a bull Published in: 19h15m

"Ding, the wind and thunder war eagle has been upgraded, the bloodline is activated, and the dark flame phoenix has evolved!" "Ding, the Xuanwu level has been completed simultaneously, the current level, the immortal level!".... Show more »


Cannon Fodder is Too Frivolous: Emperor Zun, No Appointment

Author: Duo Published in: 22h14m
Fantasy Romance Xianxia

In her previous life, she died of hatred in a gray robe. The former cannon fodder was reborn, opened the inheritance of the mysterious jade pendant, washed out the top meridians, and rose to the top in red. Those who persec.... Show more »


Afraid of My Death, My Frog Stole To the Shelter Overnight

Author: Detective Conan Published in: 1d1h
Urban Life

[Ding, your frog was afraid of your death, so he went on a trip overnight and stole a shelter for you! 】 ... Reborn into a world of global catastrophe apocalypse. In the face of global recovery, zombies, fog, meteorites, p.... Show more »


New Love

Author: beggar begging Published in: 1d4h

Twenty-six years, Jiang Yun experienced three things: girlfriend Qin Zhao cheated; quit his job; Another new love. 【You are the fireworks of the world and boundless obsession】 Demining: 1. Do it first and then love the text.... Show more »


Demon Slayer Starts From the Proficiency Panel

Author: Lin twenty one Published in: 1d7h
Fantasy Xuanhuan

The world is in chaos, and evil spirits appear everywhere, causing chaos in the world and poisoning the people. The imperial court set up a special department for subduing demons, recruiting strange people, Buddhist monks an.... Show more »