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Xiuxian: The Beginning Starts with the Drug Boy

Author: Mahayana Venerable Published in: 24m48s
Fantasy Martial Arts

Black belly, online IQ Reborn in the magnificent world of cultivating immortals Everything is based on 'stability', and everything is settled before moving, and when moving, there is a thunderbolt, and after moving, there i.... Show more »


I Rely on Wilderness Survival Live Broadcast to Become Popular Across the Stars

Author: 痴嗔本真 Published in: 3h25m
Action Adventure Mature Romance Sci-fi Shounen Ai Supernatural

Lu Liran, the former deputy captain of the first federal mobile team, disappeared in a great war, and his life and death are unknown. Seriously injured in the war, lingering on his last breath and penniless, Lu Liran was luck.... Show more »


The Holy Lord In the Comic World

Author: Mingming Uchiha Published in: 6h25m

Holy Lord, possesses the ability of zodiac signs, dragon charm, can spray high-temperature flames, pig charm, emits laser light from both eyes, horse charm, heals all injuries, dog charm, immortality, rabbit charm, possesses .... Show more »