Upcoming Novels


The Immortal Wild God

Author: Feng Kuang Xiao Published in: 2h26m
Fantasy Xianxia Xuanhuan

In order to emancipate himself from s*avery, Chen Xiao has worked hard, trying to break through the Skin Refining Realm and become a real martial artist. Another reason for him to work hard is that he wants to take revenge on.... Show more »


Gossip King

Author: Gao Leng De Mu Xiao Jing Published in: 6h26m
Comedy Drama Josei Romance

After visiting his parents’ grave, a young man walks down the street with his head bowed. Suddenly, he hears the screech of brakes. The next minute, he’s hit by a car. When he wakes up, he finds himself working at a magaz.... Show more »


This Swordsman is Too Steady

Author: Runaway Barbecued Pork Buns Published in: 10h27m

Lu Qingshan, the top ten well-known player on the "Nine Heavens" sword repair rankings, travels through the rebirth to the game world he has been fighting for. Swordsman, the career with the highest damage and the thinnest.... Show more »


I Have a Wolf Sword Saint System

Author: Bai Han Published in: 14h28m
Action Adventure Fantasy Xuanhuan

Traveling to the planet after the apocalypse, everyone has abilities, the zombies form a nation of their own, and there are even aliens stationed in the outer space orbit. . . However, our protagonist Langren revealed that.... Show more »


After Transmigration, I Spit Rainbow Farts and Overturned the Car

Author: 恕冬 Published in: 18h30m
Comedy Romance

As a popular variety show artist with a talent for trolling, Lin Luo is on the verge of being beaten up every day, until one day, she suddenly transmigrated as a cannon fodder with the same name as her in an unfinished novel..... Show more »


Godly System Moralizes the World

Author: Wen Jian Zhong Nan Published in: 22h25m
Urban Life

Cross the world and enlighten the heavens! Xiao Tian accidentally obtained the Saint Master System of Ten Thousand Realms, and he was out of control since then. "You said Yang Guo?" "I remember teaching him a few tr.... Show more »



Author: Shi Xing Cao Published in: 1d2h
Drama Romance

Cheng Zhan has raised a little beauty who is very playful and coquettish, and lives a life of honey and oil every day. At a party, everyone else took a female companion, but he was alone. Friends ridiculed: "Cheng, your li.... Show more »


Film and TV World Employment System

Author: Wang Gongzi in the year Published in: 1d6h

Gu Ren was reborn. Not only did he travel to 2013 with the system, he was surprised to find that the world seemed to be very different. John: "I want to know who killed my dog!" Guan Yuming: "I want to find the murderer.... Show more »


I Can Read Unlimited Files

Author: Sea of pen Published in: 1d10h
Urban Life

How many times does a person have to read files in his life to have no regrets? One day, Liu Huaxing discovered that he had the ability to read files infinitely, and he could read a certain period of time in the past. H.... Show more »


I Abducted the Hero

Author: 十六月西瓜 Published in: 1d14h

Rong Xuan woke up and became the cannon fodder villain who acted extreme in the novel and ended up tragically. As soon as she walked through, she was on the scene of Shiji’s engagement. The original owner tried to escape fr.... Show more »