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Violent Martial Soul System

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Résumé du Roman

Zhao Feng a voyagé dans le monde des arts martiaux avec le système d'échange, les arts martiaux, les exercices, les pilules, les armes, les bêtes de guerre, les secrets… toutes les poursuites folles que Zhao Feng peut facilement obtenir! Et Zhao Feng dans un état violent est impitoyable et intrépide, assez fort pour exploser!

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Titre Court:VMSS
Titre Original:狂暴武魂系统
Auteur:Flowing Heart
Type:Web Novel
Weekly Rank:#462
Monthly Rank:#372
All Time Rank:#1254
Mots Clés:Rebirth, Soul Power, Transmigration,

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Chapter 3212 impossible il y a 2020-09-24 22:25:09 Chapter 3211 chaos il y a 2020-09-24 22:24:57 Chapter 3210 Vision il y a 2020-09-24 22:24:56 Chapter 3209 breakthrough il y a 2020-09-24 22:24:55 Chapter 3208 exist il y a 2020-09-24 22:24:53

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  1. LOL this is straight up copying of each other cliche of chinese novel, I can’t believe that a person can stomach copying the works of the others, some chinese authors is so shameless that they copy others’ work to earn some money. The integrity and creativity of this profession is ruined just because of some people like this. Shameless, for money. I lack the energy and willingness to research who copy whom. Shameless chinese author, you even dare to publish it. I won’t waste my time to figure out who is who, there are some out there too, I’m too lazy to spend time with these shenanigans.

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