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Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me

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Le diable ne t'aimerait qu'à sa manière: "Souviens-toi, ne me regarde pas, ne me serre pas et ne m'embrasse pas! Détournez votre visage, tant que vous vous allongez docilement et silencieusement! "Allongez-vous simplement docilement? Pourquoi l'a-t-il prise? Une femme gonflable?

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Titre Court:WWCLM
Titre Original:入骨暖婚:总裁好好爱
Auteur:Da Zhou Zhou
Weekly Rank:#613
Monthly Rank:#726
All Time Rank:#198
Mots Clés:Black Belly, Female Protagonist, Modern Day,

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16 Comments on “Warm Wedding, CEO Loves Me
  1. Can we just talk about.. how much.. lin wan love feng 15? , I can’t believe that she did all of that for the sake of her love, i mean.. having lin mumu without him knowing about it.. totally excited to know what would he do if he knew about his daughter.. i hope he can understand lin wan and won’t blame her at all.. yes I don’t really %100 agree with what she did.. but she also has no choice, and.. Xing lang please.. just let them go stop it , no one is suffering here except your own baby daughter..

  2. Hi everyone. I love this novel. I have not met anyone with whom to comment on this novel, so I hope to speak with someone on the forum.

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