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C'est l'histoire du protagoniste qui obtient le système, devient fou dans l'apocalypse biochimique, produit des avions et des chars, détruit des zombies, sauve les bonnes personnes et tue les méchants.

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Titre Court:WC
Titre Original:废土指挥官
Auteur:Black soil and green smoke
Weekly Rank:#163
Monthly Rank:#157
All Time Rank:#4175
Mots Clés:Apocalypse, Army Building, Harem, Harem-seeking Protagonist, Male Protagonist, Slow Growth at Start, System, Zombies,
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  1. Can someone help me to know the title of this plot.? The story goes when the modern girl dream of having regressing into the past and by the time she wakes up she decided to tell her parents to buy all necessary things to use it when she wakes up on a different timeline. When that girl close her eyes to sleep she felt that there's something different in her surrounding so she wakes up by the time she woke up shes already in a different timeline more like shes in the past. Climax: the girl fell in love with the big guy/eldest son of the family and have an offspring.. but in a while when the family of three sleeping together they didn't know that they go back into d modern world and meet the girls family .. thats all i can remember.. please help me guys 🧡

  2. Can anyone please help me in search the novel in which female lead is send to for accidently killing the guy who tried to rape her she applied for a tech show by which can she can be released she died and was able to reborn Male lead is the heart of the king of that country King did not wanted a soulmate which was female lead so he decided to tear his heart and throw it in the gutter,he also did not help female lead in her past life and let her die Male lead somehow get consciousness after he eaten by a mouse as heart the mouse was eaten by cat and male occupied cat's body male lead relaying on his senses search for FL in past life ML tried to protect FL during the trials of show but could not succeed because of not having a physical body In the kind FL helped male lead grow a body by soils send by the Queen's other kingdoms In virtual world FL prove that she is innocent please someone tell me the name of novel

  3. In the discord they said why isn't new uploaded novels Discord message: ------------------------- Good day @everyone Sorry for the sudden mass ping > Just informationnto you After almost a month my partner who manages the site was without news, this also resulted in the site being without updated novels, The information I got was that my partner experienced an incident in the real world which I cannot mention here, because of privacy 🙏 **At the moment the MTlnovel hosting site is still running but without the latest novels, as for the latest chapters, they are still updated automatically if the raw we set has the latest updates, in conclusion the chapter updates are done by bots automatically** Please understand I hope this problem passes quickly 🙏 `NOTED: THE DISCORD SERVER IS ACTIVE AS USUAL, ONLY THE REQUEST FEATURE IS SUSPENDED AT THIS TIME' kind regards Co owner mtlnovel -------------------------

  4. comrademao no longer update for months, same with this site. I'll still check from time to time though for nostalgia. not to mention there's still many novel list in my bookmark that I haven't finished reading

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