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We Villains Don’t Want to Be a Stepping Stone

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Bon sang! Son of Destiny a appelé pour me baiser? Les yeux des beautés autour de moi ont l'air bizarre… que dois-je faire? Je suis tellement troublé. Ils semblent tous vouloir me marcher dessus!

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Titre Court:WVDWBSS
Titre Original:我们反派才不想当踏脚石
Auteur:There are raccoons in the lonely mountain
Weekly Rank:#731
Monthly Rank:#380
All Time Rank:#247
Mots Clés:Calm Protagonist, Cruel Characters, Cultivation, Cunning Protagonist, Demons, Evil Protagonist, Fast Cultivation, Harem, Male Protagonist, Manipulative Characters, Mind Control, Multiple Identities, Multiple Realms, Netori, Overpowered Protagonist, Polygamy, Power Struggle, Pregnancy, Protagonist Strong from the Start, Protagonist with Multiple Bodies, Rape, Rape Victim Becomes Lover, Ruthless Protagonist, Schemes And Conspiracies, Sexual Cultivation Technique, Strong from the Start, Strong to Stronger, System, System Administrator, Threesome, Transmigration, Unique System, Villain, Villain Protagonist, Wealthy Characters,
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205 Comments on “We Villains Don’t Want to Be a Stepping Stone
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  1. 5/5. Hands down one of the best villain novels out there. The start might seem like a copypasta of "I'm the Fated Villain" but this is better. Unlike other villain novels, the MC isn't fixated on killing the protagonists but rather uses them to get things done. The small arcs that connect to a larger plot are really interesting.

  2. Brother of christ that is the exact same plot as I'm the fated villain, he goes grabs some protags uses them and once useless he kills them.

  3. the story started off interesting at first but after a few dozen chapters it turned to shit. the author not only makes the protagonist stupid at times but also uses brain dead phrases like "women only get in the way of my fist speed" and the protagonist is very weak also like a discreet dog he is arrogant with the weak but he is like a dog that even bows before those stronger than him like the sect master of thousands of demons, in short acts like a villain and then acts like a dog, looks nothing like a real villain.

  4. I understand his points, and if he really meet a stronger person... than he doesnt have to be arrogant or be a dog, he can also just talk normal, not arrogant, not scared, not to friendly... maybe emotionless is good. but in my opinion even if he meet a stronger person he can talk normal to the enemy instead to please the enemy and lower his head as mc... thats what the cononfodder would do and not the villain mc... disgusting

  5. How they talk means nothing. This is a book, we can see what MC REALLY thinks, but at the end of the day even that doesn't mean much.... the only thing that matters is the actions the MC does. If he spends chapters groveling to survive bc he's weak, but he's also using every opportunity to get stronger and not truly subservient? that's totally okay. It's only an issue if the MC actually treats themselves as a servant... but that's SUPER rare. Unless it's a female. Then yeah the MCs tend to become ultra lickingdogs while pretending to look down on licking dogs. Avoid those stories

  6. "How they Talk means nothing much"??? It means litterly everything...☝️ He doesn't want to see a acting dog, i also dont want to see a acting dog. But you dont care if the mc behave like a dog because he is just acting..., we are simple different... but "How they talk means nothing" is bullshit. Its even worse if we see his thoughts and he still behave for whatever "good" reason like a dog

  7. What do you mean? Here is chapter 1900, the book is written at the moment already before chapter 2150

  8. You're really right, I checked quickly and the first chapters are really different, but all the characters are the same and the story is generally the same, and starting from chapter 20 they coincide with the chapters here. The author had some problems with the book, so he could replace the first 20 chapters for some reason.

  9. If anyone is interested, this book officially hiatus, but has not been dropped. Author said that he was writing a new book to distract himself and was not going to drop this book, because he had been writing it for more than two years. So only thing we can do is hope that author will be able to return Villain to the shelves and continue to write it.

  10. well i looked it on the website and the new book you said, when i click it and there is a word said "work dosent exist"

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