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When God Begins To Evolve Again

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Il y a quelques décennies, de nombreuses portes étranges sont apparues dans le monde entier, et une créature appelée démon par les humains est également descendue au même moment, apportant une catastrophe sans précédent au monde humain. L'humanité a une chance de respirer.

Par chance, le magicien n°1 mondial a renoncé à son identité, est devenu testeur débutant et a recommencé, franchissant la porte mystérieuse pour participer à ces épreuves inimaginables.

"Ceci est également considéré comme un nouveau venu ?" Les testeurs étaient déprimés.

A terminé le roman "Sword Suit" avec 3 millions de mots, "Shen Pin Dao Sheng" avec 1,6 million de mots, "Super God Gene" avec 7,3 millions de mots (dans la mise à jour des bandes dessinées) et "Je veux juste jouer à des jeux tranquillement" (dans la mise à jour de la bande dessinée).

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Titre Court:WGBTEA
Titre Original:当上帝重新开始进化
Auteur:Twelve Winged Dark Seraph
Weekly Rank:#7259
Monthly Rank:#6703
All Time Rank:#8003
Mots Clés:Calm Protagonist, Confident Protagonist, Contracts, Demons, Eidetic Memory, Game Elements, Gamers, Hiding True Identity, Magic, Male Protagonist, Modern World, Ruthless Protagonist, Special Abilities, Summoning Magic, Weak to Strong,
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23 Comments on “When God Begins To Evolve Again
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  1. Ive read this author work and i dont like his novel, overrated for me. Edit: i read that someone seems like saying that im novice reader, let me tell u that ive read novel more or less for 5years (active reader maybe 12 hours per week?) and i remember reading this author work called Super Gene years ago, and i really dislike the novel, short review is the novel are childish and nasty plot n storyline, its feels like author wish fullfillment. And many readers giving bad rating with reasonable review about the novel too, i mean MANY. but maybe its seems like these weebs like reading nasty storyline? eww. And about this novel, its your cliche strong MC pretending to be newbie again, and boom cliche plot that many novel have, and little 'seasoning', why should i rate 5 for this? xD. Ive readed too many damn novel with the same plot, this is 1star from me.

  2. I thought most novels/story's were wish fulfillment,🤔 since they are the Arthur's imagination or dreams wrote out in words just for other people to read?

  3. It’s true that the main character of their novels is always overpowered, but I think this author is the best I read at coming up with interesting fight scenes! Also, the author does a good job of holding back information.

  4. Well I dont really call myself a senior reader by just reading 12hours but super gene I know the novel has some problems and mistakes but I have still not found another novel in sci-fi which is "better" than it Note: I am saying better than not as good as, swallowed star is also a vary good novel as good as super gene, and I don't know what problems you have with this author but I still feel supere gene is a very good yeah, there are parts had to understand for people with low IQ but it's still better than most of the other novels, and about this novel well I have not read it yet but if it's bad the tell about this novel not others, and btw although many people may disagree but a cliche plot if written well can be very good as it originally written in a legendry novel or else authors won't copy it.

  5. I gave it a try and it is not bad but the MC literally has trouble walking and running around because he carries around stuff he can't get rid of that weighs a lot. It slows him down during critical times. Also he is now cursed by some tablet thingy and has to fight for his life daily because of it. Another thing that kind of makes me not really like it is that he seems to have a parasite demon living in him that he has no clue if it is a ticking time bomb or not. But the story itself is interesting so far so I give it 3/5. This is as of chapter 112.

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