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When The Male Supporting Actor Bend The Male Lead (Supporting Actor Survival Game)

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Adaptez-vous rapidement à différents types de personnages shou vs différents types de beaux gongs.

Dans l'histoire d'amour, la femme en tête a au moins trois pneus de rechange. Avant que le rôle principal féminin et le rôle masculin ne deviennent amants, le personnage masculin de soutien est utilisé pour l'engouement. Cependant, à la fin de l'histoire, le plus blessé est le personnage masculin de soutien.

Qi Yan est le garçon chanceux sélectionné par le système.

"… .Quelle haine avez-vous pour le rôle principal féminin?"

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Titre Court:
Titre Original:[快穿]当男配掰弯男主 / Supporting Actor Survival Game
Weekly Rank:#2283
Monthly Rank:#2178
All Time Rank:#1378
Mots Clés:Adapted to Manhua, Ancient Times, Animal Characteristics, Apocalypse, Appearance Changes, Charming Protagonist, Cunning Protagonist, Fantasy Creatures, Gamers, Handsome Male Lead, Male Protagonist, Modern Day, Multiple Realms, Possessive Characters, Shameless Protagonist, System Administrator, Wealthy Characters, World Hopping,
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10 Comments on “When The Male Supporting Actor Bend The Male Lead
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  1. The mahua’s title adaptation is “The Expert Boyfriend Snatcher” or “Supporting Actor Survival Game” and the manhua showed how heartless or emotionless the mc is very well, it showed how he only cared about the mission.

  2. When I first read the manhua, I even thought that the mc was something like a system, because he didn’t feel any emotions except when the love value suddenly decreases…

  3. No wonder its familiar. I dropped that manhua before I think its the arc after the zombie ml x human mc xD lmao, the start is good and I got hooked but then after couple of arcs,it suddenly turn into meh. Things turn into pointless, just make ML fall and then when affection turn 100% he will immediately go to other world and vice versa :V

  4. one story that touch the heart.. when the Hero of the wild pirate is broken.. The name of the protagonist Doniar.. I cried reading it

  5. the MC immerses himself completely in the character for each world to the point where he has no outside personality, especially towards the end, and considers them all to be different, equally valid versions of himself. The ML is a different person in each world and not the usual split souls or hidden god, despite the fact that most of them behave very similar to one another with a couple of exceptions. none of that matters in the end because "everything is just a story" and the MC only exists inside the book the writer created. As a conclusion to a story, it's just as bad as those stories that use the "it was all just a dream" ending. I will admit to being disappointed; I feel like I wasted a lot of time reading and trying to figure out the motivation of the MC and search out the overarching plot only to find out there was none. There's no motivation, no reason, and no bigger plot; there is no payoff for the reader, no MC gaining a reward after working his *ss off, no getting together with the ML. There's not even an evil lord god to defeat (there is a god, he's just not evil). All that exists is endlessly hopping from one world to the next and one target to the next with no actual meaning. My final thought was "ah, so this whole story really was pointless."there are very few clues as to the MCs real personality because he takes on the main characteristics and personality of the body he inhabits in each world; i.e. Gloomy, foolish, clever, shy etc. There is no place to show us his own personality, talents, or interests and there's nothing to help link the journey from world to world; no end goal or driving reason for the MC to be doing what he's doing. It feels a little pointless sometimes. and there is nothing to make me think the ML might be the same person other than the fact that his personality remains mostly consistent. Atm, I'm assuming they are all one person because that is normally how it goes in these novels. as for character descriptions, there is no physical description. The only thing we know about the MC is that he is beautiful and can't remember his life before the system, though he remembers that he was gay before. The only thing we know about the ML is that he is tall, handsome, and somewhat possessive. That is literally the only description given for either of them, not even hair or eye color is mentioned for any arc, though the MC eyes are sometimes described as clear and shining like stars. It's all very vague. I don't even know if each body is similar to their own looks or completely different from body to body but with the lack of description they all seem to be mostly the same, minus some scars or other marks and a bit of variation in height. there's not much to the world-building or characterization so each world is kind of vague and fuzzy. All the female protagonists are green tea b*tches and family members and friends are fairly shallow most of the time, though one or two stand out a little in my mind.

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