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Wizard: Lord of the Elements

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Duolai a travaillé dur pour se nourrir et nourrir le chien qu'il a ramassé. Après une crise de vie ou de mort, il a clairement compris et a commencé à grandir impitoyablement, et s'est lentement engagé sur la route des sorciers.

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Titre Court:WLE
Titre Original:巫师:元素领主
Weekly Rank:#1796
Monthly Rank:#1900
All Time Rank:#3684
Mots Clés:Fantasy, Lord, Magic, Male Protagonist, Necromancer, Sword And Magic, Wizard, Wizards,
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  1. Novel bagus untuk tahun 2000- 2017 Disini MC di musuhi semua pihak ,dari awal saya liat semua kekuatan ingin membunuh MC ,menekan , memenjarakan ,

  2. Any chinese novel that describes the protagonist as "ruthless" is always an unnecessarily evil, slaughterer who kills everyone in cruel manner.

  3. it gets tiring to read, the MC can be strong and mentally strong but killing everyone and everything is the mark of a shitty writer, you can write a better character than a killing machine, its fine if its your first novel that way ruthless or killing machine MC arent as bad but over time we grow up and get bored of them is more garbage than generic Xianxia novels.

  4. When you only claimed that Ruthlessness of the MC is the author being lazy and trash writing, when literally the biggest lazy and trash writting is faceslapping, horny mc, and among other trash traits of the MC like treating woman as a sex toy and whatnot. Those ones are already 99 percent of other chinese novels lol, and yet you are here complaining that ruthlessness is unnecessary and trash writing. Are you dumb or is this your first chinese novel? You can find handful of authors with good writing skills but majority fills those trashy and lazy writing traits.

  5. Nothing you named was lazy writing it was overused tropes. A character who exists as Nothing more than kill anyone one and everything is lazy writing because you can't write a cohesive storyline so you kill everything that child contribute to it

  6. I personally like ruthless mc.. The best ruthless mc is of Reverend Insanity... This novel has perfect depiction of cruelty with no unnecessary killings... I personally felt like my IQ was increasing just reading this novel... If u think mc is depicted ruthless just because of some shitty writing then try reading Reverend Insanity ... It will surely change your mind

  7. Why are you? Aren't you saving your city or something? Is joker sick because of the pandemic? Or is batman also quarantined?

  8. I did read it, up to the point he killed an innocent girl who saved him, for no reason at all and just explained it away as the mc having no pity or mercy for weak people. I can't remember which chapter only that it had something to do with wolves

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